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Where is Grant Robison


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  • Where is Grant Robison

    Is he injured? I hope for the sake of US distance running he will be ok by the Olympics. Robison is after all our best metric miler.

    This could be a great year for Robison.
    He could win the NCAA title and make the Olympic team. Who knows, if he is in the same shape he was in last summer an Olympic final showing is a definite possibility.
    This is the one US miler we have the highest hopes for.

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    Re: Where is Grant Robison

    He redshirted his original frosh year outdoors; possible that was outdoors only and he used up an indoor year back in '98 before going on his mission?


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      Re: Where is Grant Robison

      No, he competed for Stanford this indoor season. Qualified in the 3K (7:51.80), but ran so-so (4:03.41) in a mile at UW a few weeks back. I'll try to find out why he didn't show up in Fayette- nam.

      No sign of Hall yet this season either. Luchini only has outdoor eligibility.


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        Re: Where is Grant Robison

        I hear he has plantar facitis. I hope it is not a serious case. Without Robison all the US has is a bunch of B standard guys. It is going to be hard for runner like Myers and Gruber to get the A standard since they are so far off from running 3:36.20. Gruber will basically have to improve from being a 3:58.5 to a 3:54 miler in just 5 months.


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          Re: Where is Grant Robison

          Perhaps some of these athletes (i.e.: Hall and Flanagan) are training through indoors - perhaps just racing here and there to get the feelers out after tough cross seasons and heavy winter training (or not focusing on indoor running this time around). It can be much to ask an athlete to run:

          X-C invites
          X-C conference
          X-C regionals
          X-C nationals
          IND invites
          IND conference
          IND NCAA prelims
          IND NCAA finals
          OUT invites
          OUT conference
          OUT regionals
          OUT NCAA prelims
          OUT NCAA finals

          And then

          USATF prelims
          USATF semis
          USATF final

          All within a 10-month time frame. Some collegiate athletes may excel within that type of environment, others may choose to skip a portion of that demanding schedule and focus on what happens between May-June-July.


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            Re: Where is Grant Robison

            Who else will get the Olympic A standard among US metric milers?



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              Re: Where is Grant Robison

              >Robison is after all our best metric miler.

              Best metric miler? I think there is a guy who ran a pretty good time in '02 but dedided to focus almost exclusively on the 8 last year. The last I heard, Krum was still planning on doubling.

              IMO - he's our best hope in both distances - only really proven US world class middle distance runner.

              For anyone else to do something would require a tremendous breakthrough - possible but Krum is there. I'm looking forward to seeing him start his campaign but it probably won't be for at least another month - he's trying to time it for Athens, the rest are thinking trials.