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Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...


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  • Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

    As this young US prodigious swimmer will be the
    hero of the next Olympics, I wonder which
    performances a supertalent like him would have
    set if it was about track.
    PHELPS is said to be the new Mark SPITZ and has
    already broken many world records, now put in an
    incredible new dimension.
    Let's imagine a 9"80(100m) sprinter who would
    be also a 12"85(110m/h) hurdler and a 43" quarter
    This phenomenon would be capable of setting a
    regular 8m80 (long jump) and a 2m35(high jump)...

    This is how I imagine a Michael PHELPS
    translated into track and field.
    Incredible but true...

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    Re: Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

    There is no combination of events in swimming which invites an analogy like you are making, especially going from the 100 to the high jump!


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      Re: Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

      Michael PHELPS is so polyvalent that he could
      be the ultimate decathlete reaching excellence
      in whatever he decides to choose.
      That is why I imagine him as a top performer
      from 100m to high jump if he was a track and
      field champion...


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        Re: Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

        He's a great IM swimmer but the day he sets world records in the breaststroke and backstroke events then we can start comparing him to your hypothetical world record-holding high hurdler, quarter-miler, and 9.80 man who is also within 15cm of the world long jump record. At this point he has one world record outside of the individual medley events, in the 200 fly, not an unusual combination. As great as Phelps is I think you're stretching credulity a bit. (and I say this as a former swimmer)


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          Re: Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

          Mel, PHELPS is going to EXPLODE the 100 and 200m
          backstroke very soon...
          Then I shall be glad to send you a friendly
          message from mister Credulity.
          Do you remember his last 200m backstroke this
          Winter at the US Championships?
          The second ever in history without being without
          being at the top of his form.
          Would you name it credulity ?...


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            The REAL Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

            Just think of an athlete that could not only perform well at running but also skipping, bounding and backwards running over 200 and 400m sometimes done as a medley!!!

            No way that a Michael Johnson could possibly translate his running dominance into any less efficient method of covering the same distance, let alone combining them in sequence.

            Swimmers are just too versatile compared to every other sport and they haven't even reintroduced the trudgeon stroke!


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              Re: The REAL Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

              Actually 79 where I really think you stretch credulity is with the LJ of 8.80m - any guy with 9.80 speed and 2.35HJ ability would be faster than both Lewis and Powell and with far superior vertical jumping ability - don't you think 9.20 or 9.30 would be more like it?


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                Re: The REAL Michael PHELPS translation in T&F...

                There is no translation into T&F in my opinion, swimming is a very different story