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German Olympian Thomas Goller dope-suspended


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  • German Olympian Thomas Goller dope-suspended

    From the German masters website (a poor Google translation):

    Doping: Thomas Goller suspended

    Thomas Goller (TV Wattenscheid 01), German champion in the 400 meter hurdles, was on suspicion of a doping violation by the German Athletics Federation (DLV) are suspended temporarily. Then now the TV Wattenscheid announced the contract with the husband of the sprinter Sina Schielke.

    The analysis of the training at a check revealed a urine sample taken in March of athletes for the presence of boldenone and 5ß-androst-1-en-17beta-ol-3One. Both substances are among the prohibited substance in the training group S1 the WADA Prohibited List 2010, which is why under Article 7.5. the NADA codes was to suspend compulsory.

    This was announced by chairman of the DLV's Disciplinary Committee, Dr. Anne Jacob, on Monday. She now has a review procedure initiated against Thomas Goller, who can now apply for the analysis of the B sample.

    Boldenone in bodybuilding circles, especially among women very popular. Besides the muscle building effect of it to increase the endurance capability is said. In relevant forums read exactly how much you take in order to be effective. The black market price of an average two-week dose is 30 €.

    "The whole club is deeply disappointed," said Michael Huke Wattenscheid Manager: "We have him given a second chance after he had finished his career really have maximum performance. He has our trust, deeply disappointed." Huke said that submaster Goller (1977) had its own team of caregivers. (10:05:10)
    Goller was a Sydney Olympian: ... index.html

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    Re: German Olympian Thomas Goller dope-suspended

    I'm interested in how this affects his girlfriend Sina Schielke; she was attempting a comeback after the birth of their child in 08 and injury last season. Will she drift into retirement now her BF has failed a test or will she continue to compete? Some will assume 'guilt by association'.


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      Re: German Olympian Thomas Goller dope-suspended

      Originally posted by Gabriella
      Some will assume 'guilt by association'.
      Well, she disassociated herself from him rather quickly. Her facebook status changed to "single" the day the positive test was announced.
      Some german newspapers are reporting, that Goller accepts the result without further testing of the B-sample.