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¶NCAA wJT: Evelien Dekkers (Florida) 193-6 (58.99) CL


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  • ¶NCAA wJT: Evelien Dekkers (Florida) 193-6 (58.99) CL

    T&FN Formchart:

    1. *Marissa Tschida Washington State
    2. **Anna Wessman’ UTEP
    3. Amy Backel Oklahoma
    4. Evelien Dekkers’ Florida
    5. **Brittany Borman Oklahoma
    6. *Randi Hicks Long Beach State
    7. *Karlee McQuillen Penn State
    8. Meghan Briggs Virginia
    9. *Emily Tyrrell Montana State
    10. *Emalie Humphreys Texas A&M

    Start list:

    Event 40 Women Javelin Throw
    ================================================== =============================
    Two flights. Random draw
    30 minute flight specific warm-up. 20 minutes before finals
    Advance best 9 after tie breaking to finals. Reverse order
    Name Year School Seed Mark
    ================================================== =============================
    Flight 1 Finals
    1 Tara Karin SO Virginia 46.33m
    2 Randi Hicks JR Long Beach 49.35m
    3 Maggie Mullen SO Ohio State 50.44m
    4 Karlee McQuillen JR Penn St. 49.62m
    5 Emily Tyrrell JR Montana St. 52.06m
    6 Casey Wagner SO S. Florida 47.44m
    7 Emma Crowcroft FR Connecticut 47.60m
    8 Brittany Borman SO Oklahoma 51.71m
    9 Alanna Kovacs SO DePaul 50.09m
    10 Elise Knutzen SR Notre Dame 45.22m
    11 Courtney Kirkwood SO WSU 50.18m
    12 Alex Shaw SR Long Beach 49.54m
    Flight 2 Finals
    1 Ana Ruzevic SO Tulane 48.29m
    2 Victoria Imbesi FR Cornell 45.36m
    3 Anna Wessman SO UTEP 53.13m
    4 Cassie Merkley SR Idaho St. 48.47m
    5 Amy Backel SR Oklahoma 51.49m
    6 Hillary Pustka SR Texas A&M 48.36m
    7 Marissa Tschida JR WSU 52.37m
    8 Evelien Dekkers SR Florida 50.48m
    9 Leslie Bourgeois SR Nicholls St. 48.30m
    10 Emalie Humphreys JR Texas A&M 51.78m
    11 Meghan Austin JR Alabama 46.85m
    12 Meghan Briggs SR Virginia 46.61m

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    Re: NCAA wJT: 09:30 Saturday

    1 Evelien Dekkers SR Florida 58.99m 193-06 10
    52.13m 54.49m 51.09m 49.62m 50.58m 58.99m
    2 Brittany Borman SO Oklahoma 53.00m 173-11 8
    47.97m 51.23m 49.38m 53.00m FOUL 52.99m
    3 Karlee McQuillen JR Penn State 52.17m 171-02 6
    51.60m 51.33m 51.01m 48.75m FOUL 52.17m
    4 Marissa Tschida JR Washington State 51.79m 169-11 5
    51.01m 51.79m 50.12m 50.60m 50.15m FOUL
    5 Anna Wessman SO Texas-El Paso 50.62m 166-01 4
    6 Hillary Pustka SR Texas A&M 49.91m 163-09 3
    43.35m 48.34m 48.83m 49.91m 49.88m 49.83m
    7 Amy Backel SR Oklahoma 49.67m 162-11 2
    49.43m 48.94m 47.67m 49.67m FOUL FOUL
    8 Maggie Mullen SO Ohio State 49.50m 162-05 1
    49.04m 48.12m 45.34m FOUL FOUL 49.50m

    9 Ana Ruzevic SO Tulane 49.50m 162-05
    48.68m 49.50m 45.28m 47.18m FOUL 46.36m
    10 Emily Tyrrell JR Montana State 48.38m 158-09
    45.73m 43.53m 48.38m
    11 Courtney Kirkwood SO Washington State 48.24m 158-03
    46.67m FOUL 48.24m
    12 Randi Hicks JR Long Beach State 48.05m 157-08
    45.48m 48.05m 45.02m
    13 Leslie Bourgeois SR Nicholls State 47.63m 156-03
    47.63m 45.93m FOUL
    14 Meghan Briggs SR Virginia 47.42m 155-07
    47.42m 46.68m 45.36m
    15 Cassie Merkley SR Idaho State 47.17m 154-09
    47.17m 44.93m 45.65m
    16 Emma Crowcroft FR Connecticut 46.49m 152-06
    43.25m FOUL 46.49m
    17 Alex Shaw SR Long Beach State 46.30m 151-11
    FOUL FOUL 46.30m
    18 Tara Karin SO Virginia 46.09m 151-02
    41.53m 45.10m 46.09m
    19 Emalie Humphreys JR Texas A&M 45.55m 149-05
    44.07m 45.55m 45.12m
    20 Meghan Austin JR Alabama 45.38m 148-11
    45.38m 44.84m 43.99m
    21 Casey Wagner SO South Florida 45.11m 148-00
    45.11m FOUL FOUL
    22 Alanna Kovacs SO DePaul 44.88m 147-03
    44.88m FOUL FOUL
    23 Elise Knutzen SR Notre Dame 41.01m 134-06
    37.90m 40.27m 41.01m
    24 Victoria Imbesi FR Cornell 39.89m 130-10
    FOUL 39.89m 39.67m


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      Re: NCAA wJT: 09:30 Saturday

      15' pr for Dekker on final throw.


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        Re: NCAA wJT: 09:30 Saturday

        same guy that measured the men's shot? :twisted:


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          Re: ¶NCAA wJT: Evelien Dekkers (Florida) 193-6 (58.99) CL

          Her number 2 throw was still a winner be a meter and a half (minus epsilon).