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Euros vs Africans vs CAC - track events


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  • Euros vs Africans vs CAC - track events

    As athletics fans, we've been spoilt by the opportunity to follow three different regional champs - the European, the African and the CAC. But what does a comparison of results tell us? I've put the CAC results first, followed by Euros in brackets, and Africans after. I've only done events on the track, excluding relays and the steeplechase, because I got tired....

    Women -
    100m - Tahesha Harrigan (BVI) 11.19 (SAILER, Verena GER 11.10) Blessing OKAGBARE NGR 11.03 = Africans best result
    200m Cydonie Mothersill CAY 22.69 (SOUMARÉ, Myriam FRA 22.32) Damola OSAYEMI NGR 23.36 = Euros
    400m AMERTIL Christine BAH 52.16 (FIROVA, Tatyana RUS 49.89) Amantle MONTSHO BOT 50.03 = Euros
    800m GARCIA Rosibel COL 2:03.77 (SAVINOVA, Mariya RUS 1:58.22) Zahra BOURAS ALG 2:00.22 = Euros
    1500m GARCIA Rosibel COL 4:21.17 (FERNÁNDEZ, Nuria ESP 4:00.20) Nancy Jebet LAGAT KEN 4:10.43 = Euros
    5,000m Beverly Ramos 16:09.82 (BEKELE, Alemitu TUR 14:52.20) Vivian CHERUIYOT KEN 16:18.72 = Euros
    10,000m CABALLERO Yolanda VEN 34:50.58 (ABEYLEGESSE, Elvan TUR 31:10.23) Tirunesh DIBABA ETH 31:51.39 = Euros
    100 hurdles - Aleysha Barber TRT 13.09 (YANIT, Nevin TUR 12.63) Seun ADIGUN NGR 13.14 = Euros
    400 hurdles WILSON NickieshaJAM 55.40 (ANTYUKH, Natalya RUS 52.92) Hayat LAMBARKI MOR 55.96 = Euros

    Men -
    100m Churandy Martina AHO 10.07 (LEMAITRE, Christophe FRA 10.11) Ben Youssef MEITE CIV 10.08 = CAC
    200m Churandy Martina AHO 20.25 (LEMAITRE, Christophe FRA 20.37) MOSTAFA SEOUD EGY 20.36 = CAC
    400m BRENES Nery CRC 44.84 (BORLÉE, Kevin BEl 45.08) Mohamed KHAWAJA LBA 44.98 = CAC
    800m VILLANUEVA Eduardo VEN 1:47.73 (LEWANDOWSKI, Marcin POL 1:47.07) David RUDISHA KEN 1:42.84 = Africans
    1500m BARRIOS Juan Luis MEX 3:44.85 (Arturo Casado ESP 3:42.74) Asbel KIPROP KEN 3:36.19 = Africans
    5,000m Juan Luis Barrios 13:44.41 (FARAH, Mo GBR 13:31.18) Edwin SOY KEN 13:30.46 = Africans
    10,000m ROMERO Juan Carlos MEX 29:13.71 (FARAH, Mo GBR 28:24.99) Wilson KIPROP KEN 27:32.91 = Africans
    110 hurdles Ryan Braithwaite BDS 13.39 (TURNER, Andy GBR 13.28) Othman HADJ LAZIB ALG 13.77 = Euros
    400m Hurdles Leford Green JAM 48.47 (GREENE, David GBR 48.12) L.J. VAN ZYL RSA 48.51 = Euros
    My heart is still in the Caribbean....

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    Re: Euros vs Africans vs CAC - track events

    In 3 events where the Euros was first a Caribbean athlete is ranked higher than the top European, in 2 others an African is ranked higher. So a European is ranked highest in only 5 of the 18 events mentioned.


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      Re: Euros vs Africans vs CAC - track events

      Best to also site that the results from the African Games was done at altitude I believe, and it would be better to add wind readings for all the relevant events. I know a fair amount of the results had strong aiding or fighting winds.

      I think the CAC games are the weakest in terms of the athletes sent to compete in those championships though. Sadly the type of athlete(s) sent to that game are not usually the strongest team the region can muster.

      Most of the field events would go to the Europeans and all the sprint relays would also go to Europe. The 4x400's would go to the CAC.