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40 degree sectors


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  • 40 degree sectors

    I need some help, please. We are hosting our District meet here in Big Lake, Texas next week. And I need to paint the sectors at 40 degrees. What are the measurments at the front of the ring to get the desired 40 degree sectors in the shot and discus? Thanks for your help.

    Armando San Miguel
    Reagan County High School
    Big Lake, Texas

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    Re: 40 degree sectors

    Rule 187 starting on page 145.

    It seems to mention 34.92 degrees, not 40.

    Although on further reflection, I think USAnian high schools like to have their own, different rules.


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      Re: 40 degree sectors

      IAAF, USATF (except youth) and NCAA (I think) have gone to the 34.92 degree sector. High school and USATF youth use a 40 degree sector. If you are using the NFHS sector instructions, measure across the front of the circle from the insides of the sector lines. For SP it's 2'4 2/3" and for disc 2' 9 3/4". The other way to do it is to measure 10m from the center of the circle to a point on each sector line and then 6.840m across. At 20m it's 13.681m across.
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: 40 degree sectors

        You go down to Wal-Mart and ask them for the super-sized protractor kit