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Insurance Coverage for Track Event Promoters


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    Re: Insurance Coverage for Track Event Promoters

    >Yoogan's delivery is a bit skewed... but his/her basic idea is
    >correct. I work in the Insurance industry , event liability is an issue across
    >the board , just ask your local road race director. The type of events included
    >is also an issue. An event that has Jav/Sput/Hammer/Disc in it pay higher
    >premiums. That's the way it is , and thats why , based on outrages liability
    >premiums you don't see too many throws events. I feel sorry that you need to
    >spend so much time on this topic. I wish your life was more fulfilling and that
    >you would be a happier person.

    Your concern about my emotional well-being is appreciated, I was simply trying to not be a part of the problem sending Yoogan's country or my own, down the potty.

    I'll admit to a lack of familiarity with the insurance industry and its practices, but from my perusal of I interpret it to mean that any USATF sanctioned meet is insured against liability should someone get hammered, putted, discussed or javelined.

    "What does the insurance cover?
    Commercial General Liability will pay amounts, up
    to the policy limit, an insured is legally required to pay as damages for covered bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury.
    The bodily injury or property damage must have
    occurred during a covered activity. Basically, the covered activity is the sanctioned event, any directly related set-up and tear-down activities, or any ancillary events such as participant check-in and award ceremonies."

    Now, not being USAnian, I'm not familiar with the specifics, but how many meets are there that are NOT USATF sanctioned and therefore ineligible for this insurance coverage?