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    Re: Texas Longhorns fans

    Texas Speed you said it. You are ignorant to this year #2 ranked class. Texas have a nice 4x100 team this year only if everyone is healthy. In fact I could honestly see them in the top 8 this coming outdoor. If Bev entire class come back next healthy next season, i put my money, that her team will be top 3 both indoor & out. Just because A&M, Oregon & some others have been wrecking things lately, doesn't mean that Bev, her staff, and the Lady Longhorns are done. I have to agree with Lh06 & 2focused. I truly believe we are going to see Texas of old in the seasons to come.


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      Re: Texas Longhorns fans

      If you look at the current team, they are a solid well rounded team. Bev has enough talent to put out two 4x400 teams, without overlapping runners, that are capable of qualifying for the NCAA meet and running 3:35. Plus they have a plethora of jumpers and distance runners. From a recruiting aspect, they def could use some sprint hurdlers and maybe middle distance as a focus for next year.


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        Re: Texas Longhorns fans

        Originally posted by TxHottrack
        Texas Speed you said it. You are ignorant to this year #2 ranked class. Texas have a nice 4x100 team this year only if everyone is healthy. In fact I could honestly see them in the top 8 this coming outdoor. If Bev entire class come back next healthy next season, i put my money, that her team will be top 3 both indoor & out. Just because A&M, Oregon & some others have been wrecking things lately, doesn't mean that Bev, her staff, and the Lady Longhorns are done. I have to agree with Lh06 & 2focused. I truly believe we are going to see Texas of old in the seasons to come.
        Rankings don't mean much if they don't result in performances that mirror the rankings. How do you know they can form a nice 4x1 when you haven't seen one worth a damn at Texas in a few years?

        I'm a huge Texas fan and a graduate but many fans suffer from the same entitlement that plagues the coaching staffs at times. Just ask Mack Brown or Bubba Thorton. The "We Are Texas" mantra doesn't work when no one is any longer afraid of you and when you get outworked on the recruiting trails. The football team found out how that can be after going 5-7 last year and under similar standards, you could say Bev has been "5-7" the last couple seasons.

        I realize my criticism of the ladies is strong but I think its warranted. Texas does not dominate the small meets, conference or nationals anymore. You all are speaking of what you (and even I) HOPE happens. I'm speaking of what has proven to be the case the past few years. What has changed that makes you feel otherwise?

        We're halfway through the indoor season and no Texas woman is in the top 33 60m times (going by the USTFCCCA only goes to 33). Angele Cooper comes in at 32 on the 200m list. We have 4 of the top 31 400m runners...stands to reason the one part of the team that has remained consistent is the 4x4. No hurdlers. No DMR.

        The only elite competitor is Malone in the long jump and triple jump.

        So what about that screams the Texas of past seasons? The Texas that always had some place at conf and nationally in all the sprints and hurdles as well as routinely a top 3 finisher in the 4x1 and 4x4? Like I said, I want a return to the top as much as anyone but we just aren't there yet. I'll reserve the right to eat crow at the end of the outdoor season. I'd gladly do so but I don't see much difference in this year from the last few.


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          Re: Texas Longhorns fans

          Texas_speed -- I do agree that the last 2 seasons, it has been sub-par performance. I think 2Focused and HotTrack are highlighting the current freshman class plus a talented transfer in Kendra Chambers. I know u mentioned that you didn't follow a the recruiting class last yr or this yr, but Bev brought in the "right athletes" at Texas (i'm sure u know what i mean by that). That Frosh class has a lot of firepower. I don't know exactly who will show up, but so far 1/2 of them are really contributing.

          I think HotTrack was also referring to a potential 4x100 team. Right now u have Chalonda and Allison Peter that aren't 100%, but once they are.. plus Christy Udoh (who i think is a big diamond in the rough) and one of her other versitile runner, they actually can be a competitive 4x100.

          2Focused also is prolly referring to the High Jumpers as well. I think 4 of them are in contention to score in conference and i could see two or three qualifying for nationals.

          Bev may not have the same short sprinters, but it's really nice to see her try to develop an all-around team. Your right, in that some of her strategy in the past may not have been the best (and some have criticized), but i think this is kind of a new style in the Texas Longhorns team. Even the last two years when we knew she didn't quite have her "star" athletes, she kept the athletes to what they do best and develop them in their strengths. So far the progress is going pretty well.... Even the men's team next yr is going to be awesome with the recruits they are bringing in. That is one elite class.


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            Re: Texas Longhorns fans

            Texas Speed all I can say is be a liitle patient with this team. I understand that Bev/lady longhorns haven't been the same team from years ago, but I do believe this team will compete with the best. This team will give A&M, Oregon, LSU, & whoever else they will line up to arun for their money. I'm not only a fan of Texas but i'm a fan of te Big 12 & Conference USA. It's just I lead thorough the Longhorns than the others.


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              Re: Texas Longhorns fans

              The question is will Bev & her staff be able to bring in another elite class for the 2011-2012 season. So far, just Chamique Francis.


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                Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                The field event performers are huge: 4 HJ'ers and Chantel Malone; 2 promising shot putters; and the best HS LJ'er from 2010. Don't forget the emerging distance program; see xc regionals and Nationals; Mia Behm just ran a 15:58 at 5k at the Husky inv, while Betsy Jimenez ran 9:20 over 3k. 2 other runners in the 9:30's at Husky plus Marielle Hall is one of the best HS recruits from 2010 over 800 and the mile. 4 quarter milers splitting 52 this year with 3 others in the 53 range.

                Don't forget Cooper who may win Nationals at 400H with a top freshman long hurdler running well indoors as well. So, when Chalonda and Peter get healthy in the short sprints, watch out. They have the balance (matchups) to beat A&M if everybody performs well. Bev seems like she's bringinging them along slowly this year so they won't burn out.

                Texas Speed says there have been no stars the last few years - don't be so quick to forget NCAA champs like Bianca Knight "08, Anderson and Hooker '09, the outdoor 4X400 in '09. Finally, Bev's development of Chantel Malone has been amazing since she came to Texas as a 16 year old who couldn't run a 400 and now is jumping nearly 22 feet and running 52 sec over 400 meters.

                In my opinion, the pro game has hurt Bev in recent years more than anything else. In prior years, she relied on recruiting the superstar athlete. But, today, a coach has to be careful giving scholarships to "stars" who might jump ship quick. Today's coaches are actually better off spending the school's money developing a strong core of promising athletes (Malone) rather than relying on superstars who won't last long at the NCAA level. This may be changing now, but it posed a problem certainly for the bulk of the past decade.

                So before you place all the blame on Bev, at least take a look at how she has had to respond to the changing structure of track and field at the NCAA level. This she has done. At 2011 Nationals, the Lady Horns can score in the 400, 400H, 5k, LJ, TJ, HJ and 4X400. They could win the 400H, LJ and 4X400; score high in the TJ and HJ, plus scattered points in the others. That's 50 points. Top 3. Without counting on production from 2 top flight short sprinters. One more solid recruiting class and she wins it all - again. Then maybe you'll be somewhat happy Texas Speed.


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                  Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                  You raise some good points but you make it seem as if Bev is the only one who has to deal with athletes going pro.

                  I'd argue that Bev has almost FORCED these athletes to go pro.

                  Bianca Knight? She went pro early in part because she refused to be a workhorse. I don't blame her. Bev didn't develop her anymore than any NCAA coach would.

                  Destinee? Bev had NOTHING to do with her sucess. I'd venture to say Elliot (volleyball coach) and Brimmer (field event coach) were more to credit. She would've been a star wherever she went.

                  Alex? Personally I don't think she ever lived up to what she could be because she was used to a point where she was always injured. Unfortunately she'll never see sucess at the pro level until she gets away from Bev.

                  Malone is her best recent work and I guess my point is that should be the norm. Bev routinely got top talents in the short sprints that actually regressed at Texas. You can still recruit the superstars if you cultivate an environment where they know they'll be sucessful and where they know they'll still have more left in the tank after a few years. Bev's old practices routinely left athletes burned out.

                  I'm anxious to see the shift in paradigm but to spin it as "the pro game is hurting Bev" isn't valid to me. All programs face similar. Curtis Mitchell just went pro and A&M will tick right along without him. With the resources and facilities Texas has, Bev should be able to routinely develop the talent she brings in...a few superstars mixed with key role players. That's been lacking in recent years. From what I've read here, the future should be promising but only time and results will tell. I'll be sure to research the current and incoming ladies more closely than before and plan on catching several meets in person this spring as well. I still retain though, the University of Texas being unable to field a 4x1 at the conference meet is a direct indicator something isn't right on a larger scale with the program. I'm hoping that changes in 2011.


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                    Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                    Texas Speed, are you kidding me? Bianca didn't leave early because she didn't want to be a work horse. Bianca planned to compete in the 08 Olympics is the primary reason she left. Bev lost many elite athletes to the pro. Are you trying to tell me that many of these ladies didn't think about their pro career & the lucrative offer at the time? Since you are critizing Bev/Texas so stronly, what about all the other "elite" programs? I haven't heard much from USC, South Carolina, UCLA, & a few others. Lately, it has been Tx A&M, Oregon & LSU in the mix of things. But, if we want to be honest, it's been pretty much A&M. You have Pat Henry & Anderson, of course you are going to get some quality recruits, season after season. But, just like all programs, they have their seasons. I still stand strongly when I made the statement that the Lady Longhorns are going to the team to look out for in the seasons to come. I think they will surprise many of us this coming outdoor season as well. If Chalonda & Peter is healthy, you have you a 4x100 at Big XII that will fight for second to Tx A&M & Oklahoma.
                    And this might be made of a team with 3 frosh & 1 soph. Briana Nelson, Chalonda G, Allison P & Christy Udoh. Trust me, they have sprint power this season. Maybe not like A&M & LSU.
                    One other thing to think about. What if Jessica, Tarmoh, Gabby, left A&M early to the pro, do you believe they would had the same team? What if they were at Texas? You wouldn't believe they would have won their primary events? I would go all out to say that Beard would have won a 400 NCAA title if she was under Bev by now.


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                      Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                      I said "in part" about Bianca and I promise you that was part of the reason. She held herself out of one prominent indoor meet that year because Bev wanted her to run and she knew she wasn't 100%. These are facts I know first hand.

                      I never said anyone ONLY went pro for that reason but it was a factor I assure you. Ask any of the ladies who left early or any of those who ultimately gave up on the sport.

                      This thread says "Texas Longhorn fans." I'm a fan and alum so I expect better because I was on campus at a time when it was better. I'm not focusing on other elite programs because 1) that's the purpose of this thread and 2) I don't have personal attachment to those programs.

                      I never said Beard and co. would've only been successful at A&M. What I am saying is I personally believe people like Kira Robinson & Alandra Sherman would've seen similar success that they had in HS if they'd gone to LSU or somewhere like that because programs were in place to better develop the talent. Shouldn't be the case but that's how it was.

                      I fully support and love Texas but there is nothing wrong with expecting better. I think Bev got complacent and assumed we'd just win because we're Texas. Same thing happened with the football team and look at the drastic changes they've made to make sure that doesn't happen again.

                      I think the key breakdown here is I'm only speaking on what we know based on history and you're speaking on potential which has not yet been reached. It also begsvthe question WHY are all of Texas' stars always hurt? Training? Overuse? Coincidence? I say it's a combination but just look...every stud with the exception of Sanya experienced significant injuries at Texas. We can agree on that right? It's fact. No need to get butt hurt. Youre preaching IF IF IF. I just want to see in results. You believe it before you see it. I see it and then believe it. End of the day I've said several times I hope what I know changes and what we all want as Longhorn fans (Texas to be back on top) happens. Dont get so offended. I just try to remove the burnt orange glasses more than most.

                      Still, it's Hook Em all day in my world.


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                        Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                        Though you consistently make good points and have good intentions as a Lady Longhorns supporter, with all due respect, a couple of points should be clarified.

                        First, Bianca didn't hold herself out of a "prominent" meet during the indoor season of '08. It was a January Illinois meet that is more like a prep meet very early in the season. A relatively meaningless event that's only on the schedule to help teams satisfy certain NCAA team requirements. She was hurt. But she travelled with the team anyway to see if she could run. She tried to run but wasn't able to go all out so how could she have helped the team: by running anyway and not being able to sprint (not good for a sprinter); and getting hurt worse so she wouldn't be available for the rest of the indoor season?

                        Second, not all athletes who accept an athletic scholarship are willing to complete the contract. Some athletes who run for UT as well as other schools are not willing to work hard enough or consistent enough to be successful. It's probably more prevalent in this generation than in the past.

                        You see it at USC with Shalina Clark, Shana Woods; you see it with Ebony Collins and Sade Williams; you see it with Jasmine Baldwin; you see it at A&M with Gabby and Jeneba based on their high school pedigree (and where is Vashti Thomas?); you see it at South Carolina with Shayla Mahan and Brandi Cross; you see it with Krista Simpkins formerly of Miami and Seton Hall (after the baby); you see it at LSU with Juanita Broaddus and Ashley Owens; Jameesha Youngblood should be doing better at Oregon; ditto for many of their distance runners who have underachieved. At least most of bev's athletes like Alex and Bianca improved in college. This cannot be said of Gabby and Jeneba.

                        So as far as some of the athletes at UT who didn't live up to expectations, Bev can train you in the fall but if you go home for xmas and don't lace 'em up while gaining 5 pounds, you're not going to be the same runner you were before the break. Not everyone can handle prosperity.

                        To her credit, Bev has never been complacent. She is always pushing the envelope and wanting much from her athletes but it gets down to character. And we are at a time with the sweeping changes in our world where kids have multiple interests and training sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. These are difficult times everywhere.

                        So don't be so hard on yourself - or the Lady Longhorns.


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                          Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                          Texas_speed, i think you are really familiar with the athletes around the 2006-2008 era.... I think you and I could agree some of those athletes just didn't quite have the same focus as The Melaine Walker, Rassin McIntosh, Nicole Denby, Sanya, etc... They (some of those 2006-2008) had a ton of hype coming out of HS, but they don't come close to the same focus and drive and with distractions outside of the track. Can't really blame coaching with those athletes.... I think with the Freshman class she has now, it will remind u glimpse of those athlete. Maybe they aren't dubbed the next Sanya or Melaine coming out of high school, but i think some of them are gonna be pretty darn good.

                          BTW... didn't we all think Bianca was either gonna go pro out of high school or just a 1 yr and done?? That's what i remember. She was also offered a crazy good deal at the time from adidas after she won NCAA. If i'm not mistaken too, Bianca is actually still pretty close to the current Track Team too.


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                            Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                            trackonthebrain - we disagree on how some events unfold. If it were up to Bev, Bianca would've run. We agree she was injured. We disagree on why she didn't run in that meet. In most instances it doesn't make sense to run hurt...yet Bev has had runners do this over the years because some of her athletes at 50-70% are still better than some at 100%. It wasn't always a detriment in March but come June....

                            Bringing up all the athletes that you did doesn't address all the issues I mentioned because for all the Alex's and Bianca's I can name twice as many that didn't improve and the reasons why vary.

                            We disagree on complacency. By that I mean Bev thought she could always get a top athlete and that athlete (or 2 or 3) would carry the day. Enter Pat Henry and you see how that turned things on it's ear.

                            LH06 - I'm extremely familiar with 2000-2008 Texas.

                            I agree some on the focus but it also has to also come back on the coaches who recruit them right? I mean...recruiting is a swing and a miss at times but when you miss more than you connect, part of that has to be because maybe you aren't recruiting the "right" people for the program you want to run right?

                            My thought is all the Aldrichs, Reids, Denbys, Richards (-Ross), Hookers (Myers), Knights, etc spoiled Bev and she had trouble adapting when she had athletes not as mentally strong. Then she/Texas got passed and we are where we are now. I'm just hoping what you say is true and we see more of the results of old even if they come as a more collective effort and not just superstars.

                            As far as Bianca...I think we agree on her/our "going pro" expectations but Bev wasn't happy about it (similar to Henry with this Mitchell situation). Bev expected her to stay longer and when she left Bev was "caught with her pants down."


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                              Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                              Texas Women's Track and Field climbs to No. 3 nationally
                              Longhorns enter top 5 for first time since the 2009 indoor season.

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                              Feb. 15, 2011

                              The Texas Women's Track and Field team has climbed to the No. 3 spot in the nation, according to the latest U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) National Team Computer rankings, released Tuesday.

                              The No. 3 women are led by NCAA long jump leader Chantel Malone. Malone's collegiate-leading jump of 21-10 (6.65m) is an NCAA automatic qualifying mark. Malone also boasts the second-best triple jump in the country with a mark of 43-5.75 (13.25m).

                              Junior Mia Behm has also posted an NCAA automatic qualifying mark in the 5,000 meters. Her 15:58.34 is the seventh-fastest time nationally and the second-fastest ever run by a Longhorn.

                              The Texas women boast three of the top 10 times in the 400 meters. Junior Angele Cooper is third nationally (52.69), freshman Briana Nelson is seventh (53.21) and Malone is tied for eighth (53.23). The team's 4x400-meter relay team is fourth in the nation (3:34.12).

                              Freshman Shanay Briscoe currently is tied for the eighth-best high jump on the year with a clearance of 5-11.50 (1.82m).

                              The No. 3 Longhorns have the weekend off before heading to the Big 12 Indoor Championships Friday, Feb. 25 through Saturday, Feb. 26 in Lincoln, Neb.


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                                Re: Texas Longhorns fans

                                Was actually just about to post that as I started to research the team more today. Promising but still needs to bear out results at the conf and national levels. Better direction nonetheless.