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  • The cheetah........... by far the fastest cat while the greyhound is the champion sprinter as far as dogs go. Is it possible that blacks are just the fastest humans?

    I'm saying the reason we rarely see fast white guys is that they simply aren't built for speed unlike their black counterparts. I see it as merely a "physical" thing having absolutely nothing to do with culture or enviornment.

    If a rich rancher adopted 8 children 4 white and 4 black and raised them identical by the time they were 14 that black 4x1 would be smoking their white brothers. Basketball would be a joke as would football. The white kids take the swimming.

    Not trying to be "cute" here I'm dead serious!

    The differnce's between black and white athlete's was never more evident than when tall graceful Wilma Rudolph won the 1960 Rome 100 meters. She stood out like a sore thumb as those white girls behind her were all over the place looking anything but graceful.

    It's not obvious that the Chinese are built different than people from Samoa? Of course it is so we have to agree humans are not all built alike, could those differences in the black race result in superior speed,agility and quickness?

    Who are those nifty white running backs in the NFL anyway?

    Watch the meet from Portland today and we will not see a white sprinter.....why?

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    Re: The cheetah...........

    Omigod! Entine's found his way to the T&FN Message Board and changed his screen name to Brutal.


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      Re: The cheetah...........


      I think ya nailed it Brute!


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        Re: The cheetah...........

        I'd like to see the stats on basketball where my gut feeling is that there has been a significant resurgence of "white" (whatever that means) players in the NBA in the last 5-7 years.


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          Re: The cheetah...........

          Oscar Robertson
          Elgin Baylor

          .......and it goes on and on.

          Your turn

          Pistol Pete



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            Re: The cheetah...........

            I said stats not names. I'll see if I can dig up racial breakdowns of the NBA by 5 or 10 year chunks. Picking and choosing players across eras is stupid. I can go back to the 40, 50s, and much of the 60s and win that game.


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              Re: The cheetah...........

              If there are indeed more whites in the NBA now than a few years ago, my guess is that if you elminated all the foreign-borns there'd be no change at all.


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                Re: The cheetah...........

                probably. but they're still white and thus their "physical" thing as Brutal describes it are the same. it's only their environment that is different.


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                  Re: The cheetah...........

                  In the book,"The Super Athletes" by David Willoughby written in 1970 he gives a possible reason blacks have superior running speed.He states,"running speed is essentially the length
                  of one's stride multiplied by the number of strides per second.At any given stature, a blacks stride,in either sex, averages about 3 inches more than a white's.The longer the legs,relative to the stature, of blacks provide one explanation of why they make superior sprinters.In particular, the greater length in blacks of the lower leg in relation to the length of the thigh may be the reason.He also states,"women sprinters are capable of just as many strides pre second as men;however,their strides average only about 91 percent of the length on men's strides,and their sprinting time is consequently that much slower than men's."


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                    Re: The cheetah...........

                    Willoughby's book, while a fascinating read about feats of strength, is, to say the least, largely the work of a guy given to wild flights of fantasy in comparing people across the ages. Very little science involved. Take it with many huge grains of salt.


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                      Re: The cheetah...........

                      >Willoughby's book, while a fascinating read about
                      >feats of strength, is, to say the least, largely
                      >the work of a guy given to wild flights of
                      >fantasy in comparing people across the ages. Very
                      >little science involved. Take it with many huge
                      >grains of salt.

                      Give me an example of why you say that.


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                        Re: The cheetah...........

                        Science has proven

                        1.blacks have heavier bones
                        2.less fatty tissue
                        3.more fast twitch muscle fiber
                        4.arms/legs are longer in relationship with their torso
                        5.tend to have thinner calves

                        There has never been a white.....

                        Tommie Smith
                        Steve Williams
                        John Carlos
                        Randy Moss
                        Steve Riddick
                        Mark Witherspoon
                        Reggie Jones
                        Terrell Owens
                        Quincy Watts
                        Linford Christie
                        Carl Lewis

                        That is an athlete 6-2 or taller with great speed.

                        There has never been a white......

                        Bo Jackson
                        Christine Okoye
                        Earl Campbell
                        Hershel Walker
                        Marcus Dupree
                        Jimmy Brown
                        Curtis Dickey
                        Hasley Crawford
                        Jerome Bettis
                        Homer Jones

                        .......that is a big fast athlete over 200 pounds.

                        What white running back compares to....

                        Barry Sanders
                        Marshall Faulk
                        OJ Simpson
                        Walter Payton
                        Eric Dickerson
                        Tony Dorsett
                        Ahmad Green
                        Priest Holmes
                        Gale Sayers
                        Ollie Matson

                        ........they just don't make um do they? Ok ok there was one his name was Hugh McElhenny way back in the 60's.

                        My point is there are tall/big fast elusive black athletes while we just don't see that with the white athlete. All the culture/enviornment in the world makes a guy 6-3 220 with 10.30 speed.

                        The word "fluid" also belongs here we just don't see white athletes with that "fluidity" we see in the black athlete.

                        And by the way I'm white.


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                          Re: The cheetah...........

                          i wrote
                          >>Willoughby's book, while a fascinating read
                          >feats of strength, is, to say the least,
                          >the work of a guy given to wild flights
                          >fantasy in comparing people across the ages.
                          >little science involved. Take it with many
                          >grains of salt.>

                          "anonymous" asked
                          >Give me an example of
                          >why you say that.>

                          I don't think you need look any further than the R.P. Williams post from yesterday, in which it was cited that Willoughby reported with a straight face that somebody ran 100y in 9-flat and 100m in 9.8 a hundred years ago.
                          (And yes, I have read the book, although that was 25 years ago.)


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                            Re: The cheetah...........

                            >i wrote
                            >>Willoughby's book, while a fascinating
                            >feats of strength, is, to say the
                            >the work of a guy given to
                            >wild flights
                            >fantasy in comparing people
                            >across the ages.
                            >little science
                            >involved. Take it with many
                            >grains of

                            "anonymous" asked
                            >Give me an
                            >example of
                            >why you say that.>

                            I don't think
                            >you need look any further than the R.P. Williams
                            >post from yesterday, in which it was cited that
                            >Willoughby reported with a straight face that
                            >somebody ran 100y in 9-flat and 100m in 9.8 a
                            >hundred years ago.
                            (And yes, I have read the
                            >book, although that was 25 years ago.)

                            I know thats far fetched but I thought he was supposely a respected historian.


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                              Re: The cheetah...........

                              Some of what Brutal says is true. Blacks have more of the fast twitch muscle fiber dedicated to speed, and release two to three times the level of certain enzymes during muscle contraction. Hence, the huge number of quick black athletes. On the other side, whites have more of the fast twitch muscle cells dedicated to strength, hence the overwhelming superiority of whites in events requiring strength and power. Blacks have denser bones through certain areas of the body, whites actually have denser bones than blacks in certain areas of the body (like the leg bones). Blacks tend to have a slightly narrower pelvis, an aid in sprinting, but a hinderance in lifting heavy weights. Whites have a deeper 'chest cavity' as well, meaning more area with more muscle in that region. People go by muscle definition and equate that with strength in blacks, when it is nothing more than body fat distributed differently than it is in whites. As a cooling mechanism, blacks and in fact other peoples like some S. American Indian tribes, carry their body fat concentrated in their gluteal region, while whites and E. Asians tend to have it more evenly distributed over their frames, having come from colder climates.

                              All this being said, (yes, I was actually involved in some tests on athletes from different racial groups - and Entine is disingenous on occasion - leaving out info that doesn't fit with what he wants to use to gain attention through controversy) there have been found white athletes with the make up to be sprinters during some testing, but they were far, far less in number than the percentage of blacks suited for sprinting. The US culture what it is, the media being what it is today, also contribute to a smaller number of whites involved at the top levels of certain activities than we would we see if they actually competed/tried out for certain sports at the rate blacks do.

                              This carries over to the old "White Men Can't Run" article bac in '92. Burfoot caught Hell because he predicted that black Africans would win every distance event. A Spaniard won the 1500, a German won the 5k, a Moroccan the 10k, a Korean won the marathon, Kenyans won the 800 and steeple. That's why he caught all the flack. Never say never.

                              Lost in all the hub bub over this and some other controversial articles etc. is the same reserchers also showed and believe that there are whites with the capabilities to be top flight distance runners, but their participation levels had been dropping by the mid 80's with the popularity of soccer soaring in Europe, among other things. The research also shows that it's possible that whites should have higher numbers or actually dominate in the 800/1500 due to a preponderance of physical traits advantageous to running those races.

                              Reserach also showed blacks to have higher levels of muscle coordination in certain areas, whites in others. Black sprinters tend to look much more smooth than whites, and when you look at whites swimming compared to blacks, the whites simply move with more coordination. People can say it's racist, but they are denying reality.

                              Sure, other factors are involved. An outstanding white HS football player at certain positions will almost never be offered a scholarship to a major school due to some stereotyping. Despite claims to the contrary, this does not happen with black athletes, witness the spectacle of some blacks being used as QB's, or left as starters, or receivng inordinate amounts of press that don't actually relate to their on the field performance.

                              There has been an influx, and it will increase, of white players into the NBA the last two years or so, but they are almost all from Europe. That says a lot about the mental state of whites in this country. Note that the US lost the World Champs in BB last year, again, and it took some screwy officiating in Sydney to allow our NBA guys to grab two narrow wins to hang on to the gold.

                              All in all, blacks have a higher percentage of individuals suited for certain athletic activities, like sprinting, long jumping, basketball. Whites have a higher percentage of individuals suited for excellence in swimming, weightlifting, etc. So what?