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your March T&FN may be late...


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  • your March T&FN may be late...

    ... not to mention anything else that's supposed to come through rain and sleet and snow:

    Subject: Winter storm alert
    The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) reports that another major winter storm has hit a large area of the United States, starting in the late afternoon of Tuesday, Feb.1 and continuing to Wednesday. The storm zone has spread eastward from the central plans and lower Missouri Valley, through the southern Great Lakes and northern Ohio Valley, towards New York and the north east. Severe weather conditions have impacted a wide area including the following cities/areas: Tulsa, Kansas, Des Moines, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

    Due to high winds, heavy snowstorms and snowdrifts and widespread infrastructure disruptions, USPS is declaring a force majeure situation. The storm has affected all inbound and outbound mail flows, including collection and delivery in the affected areas. Several airports are closed and hundreds of flights cancelled. This same weather disturbance has also caused severe thunderstorms with damaging gusts towards the south, along the Mississippi-Alabama line, and from southeast Louisiana into West, Central and Southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle. Damage in these areas is still being assessed. Because the weather front moved further north, the Washington, DC area was not affected.

    USPS International Service Centers in Chicago and New York will be unable to carry out receipt or dispatch operations to or from the areas impacted. National and local weather conditions are being closely monitored, and updates will be provided as more detailed information is received from the affected areas.

    Please CLICK HERE <;page=mailserviceu pdates> to link to the Mail Service Updates page, which is updated daily.