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Thursday:s Box Score: Yankees Machine1-for-16; Webb 1-1


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  • Thursday:s Box Score: Yankees Machine1-for-16; Webb 1-1

    Ok, Webb won a race. It is a big deal to some, not worth mentioning to others. Most average fans are just excited Webb competed and won on a pretty big national stage.

    Webb is batting 1.000 this early spring, and he is making in the neighborhood of 62,500 USD this season.

    How things are shaping up thus far, I will take Webb over the Yankees. Period.

    Jeter (USD 18 600 000.00 , .209), Williams (USD 12 357 143.00 , .191), Rodriguez (USD 21 726 881.00 , .206) and Sheffield (USD 12 029 131.00 , .263) went a combined 1-16 against CWS pitching on Thursday against average-to-decent athletes. Webb went 1-1 in a race featuring some of USA:s best former stars, who, in their own right, are also average-to-decent. He also ran significantly faster than what many of USA track fans consider the best 1,500m runners in Grant Robison, who won another 5,000m heat.

    If the Yankees top-4 (not even to mention Giambi) can scrape by in the beginning of the season, then, without hostilities, Webb should be granted the pardon to finish wherever his body takes him on race days. If these men each reach 600 AB this season, then the nights like Thursday are quite incredible when looking at numbers:

    Jeter is payed about USD 31 000.00 per AB (124 000 Thursday); Williams: 20 595.24 (82 380.96 THU); Rodriguez: 36 211.47 (144 845.88 THU); Sheffield: 20 048.55 (80 194.20 THU).

    So the Yanks payed out USD 431 421.04 in salary last night for 0 runs 1 hit and 0 RBI from its production team. Nike just payed out USD 3 906.25 - 312.50 per lap - in comparison for Webb (based on 16 races).

    Torre told Sportsline:

    "We had some opportunities and didn't get a lot of hits. Our time will come and we'll get hot and we'll win 7 out of 8 or 8 out of 9 -- whatever it is."

    If we can accept without criticism or judgment those races where Webb finishes as an "Also ran, also competed", then we are on the right track. The Bronx Bombers will put up a lot of 0-for-somethings during the course of their season and get payed an incredible amount of money to at least try to keep their eye on the ball. Their goal is the WS. Webb - along with every other pro athletics competitor in the USA - is shooting for the OT and OG. If they have their 0-1 days along the way to their goals that is part of their game.

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    Re: Thursday:s Box Score: Yankees Machine1-for-16; Webb 1-1

    >Webb is batting 1.000 this early spring, and he is making in
    >the neighborhood of 62,500 USD this season.

    I thought he'd signed a $1.5 million deal with Nike over 6 years, which averages out to $250,000 per year (season?). Those numbers, of course, are in USD, not Canuck Loonies.