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  • Off Track stats

    Wondering if anyone would like to list some of their non-event specific stats, such as standing long jump, vertical, etc. I'll list some of mine.
    standing long jump - 3.09m
    standing triple - 8.85m
    power clean - 135kg
    bench - 330lbs

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    Re: Off Track stats

    20,000 baby........ believe it!


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      Re: Off Track stats

      SLJ - 3.35
      STJ 9.80
      clean -105k
      overhead 2 hand shot toss 6k 20.50m


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        Re: Off Track stats

        Wilt,. it only counts if U have a partner


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          Re: Off Track stats

          Wilt was bigger than life. He may have exageratted by a few 1000s. If not, stud hall of fame, 1st ballot.


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            Re: Off Track stats

            Standing Long jump 3.81m
            clean & jerk 140kg
            Ablakov (12" box) 7.02m

            worst marks
            standing vert. 31" and i'm a high jumper!
            3-stride vert. 41"
            squat 330lbs

            what are some of the worst marks out there.


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              Re: Off Track stats

              >20,000 baby........ believe it!

              And I bet you have a lot of warts and very poor vision as a result.


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                Re: Off Track stats

                Memory is a little hazy but here are a few:

                Vert jump: 39"
                Standing LJ: 3.16m (windy 3.50m on top of Arthurs Seat in Edinborough. Wind approx. 15m/s!)
                Snatch: 70kgs.
                Standing backflip: 1.65m

                Overhead 2 handed shot: no idea how far but I did it a lot. Two memories: beat David Ottley once much to his chagrin...he was OG silver Javelin guy, I was 165LB HJ-er; stupidest injury...doing it at a track with only adjacent street lighting. Went for it 110% and crushed figures on the track on the downward movement. Hopped around by myself in the dark yelling every profanity I could think of.


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                  Re: Off Track stats

                  B-mile (hey, don:t want to encourage those youngsters out there): 5.48.2


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                    Re: Off Track stats

                    >B-mile (hey, don:t want to encourage those youngsters out there): 5.48.2

                    Either your name is Thane(and the records are off a bit for the .2) or this list has to be updated:


                    Procedures for same are as follows:

                    "How do my records become "official"?

                    A committee will approve the validity of the results (improvements to the process are being researched). Most times over 7 minutes will be considered official if there is ample documentation and/or race notes.

                    To be considered for an official sub-7 minute performance, you must submit movie footage or something proving the validity of the race. Mostly, this is to provide entertainment for visitors, but it's also to prevent bogus results from contaminating record lists (any more than they already are). Proof will be added to an online gallery."

                    Digital proof can be mailed to [email protected]. Tangible proof (VHS, reel-to-reel, letter signed by Notary Public) can be mailed to:

                    147 South Bedford Drive
                    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

                    If you would like to be considered for the Approval Committee, mail [email protected]."


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                      Re: Off Track stats


                      Standing Long Jump (high school days)
                      3.42 (11-4)

                      Vertical (high school days)

                      102kg (225lbs)

                      pushups in 60 seconds: 64
                      situps in 60 seconds: 75
                      12-minute run: 2.25 miles


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                        Re: Off Track stats



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                          Re: Off Track stats

                          3.42 >must be pretty much a world best. What happened - did you also LJ 9m but not
                          >mention it to anyone?

                          Actually the 'world record' for Men's standing long jmup according to the Guiness Book of Records (now know as Guiness World Records) is 3.85m...


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                            Re: Off Track stats

                            If Ray Ewry could do 11-4 3/4 in 1904, I would suspect that no end of people should be able to go that far today, even "ordinary" people.


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                              Re: Off Track stats

                              I'm kinda with Rob on this one... at 5'8" with an 11 foot plus standing long and a 35 inch vertical, it seems extraordinary to be able to combine those marks with the endurance to run what would amount to a @16 flat 5K (12 minutes=2.25 miles). Flash was one heck of a high school athlete. With a legit 35 inch vertical he should have been able to dunk a basketball (if he could grip it, that would have been the tough part). I've coached a lot of 5'8" kids who could run 16 flat 5K's but have yet to see one who could also dunk.