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Jones and Montgomery Timing Out


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    Re: Jones and Montgomery Timing Out

    "Right after the news broke about them dropping out, Jones´spokesperson Lewis Kay confirmed what I just said....this is just some people in the news putting out false information."

    I'd like to take this moment to announce that I too, am withdrawing from competing at the Osaka meet. I am also seriously considering passing on the summer Olympics so as to properly prepare for the fall road racing season.


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      Re: Jones and Montgomery Timing Out

      >I expect Jones to announce her retirment shortly. She's already been drafted by
      >the WNBA.

      She's not going to out do herself from Sydney and she's got this
      >drug wrap chasing her -- I see her pulling a FloJo real quick.

      The 15 on the Grand Jury list are basically done. She has no where else to go. As for the pulling a Flojo , Is she going on Regis and announcing her switch to the marathon?


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        Re: Jones and Montgomery Timing Out

        Becoming a mother takes plenty of adjustment. Physically speaking it can vary greatly from woman to woman. As an athlete we expect top form to return within months but that's not always possible. I truly believe she will find her best form soon. I just hope her team will shelter her from some of the outside stress so she can train and recover properly.


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          Re: Jones and Montgomery Timing Out

          Here is what her publicist said;:

          "At no point was she ever confirmed," Lewis Kay, a representative for Jones, told The Associated Press. He dismissed the notion that Jones was not in top condition or that the time zone was a factor.

          here´s the link: ... E9A9CA003E

          actually it is impossible competing in Jamaica one day before Osaka....don´t forget the atheltes have to fly there...which takes up some time....and Osaka time is way ahead of U.S. time....(right now Tokyo time is "Saturday 4,46pm" and New York time is "Saturday 3,46am" it would be impossible)

          Anyway, when I said that this case was just people putting out false information I didn´t mean any posters on message boards...since they do not put out the news. I am talking about the news itself or the Osaka Meet organizers.