Identical marks by Radevica and Hooker. Notice that Radevica had to hit the winning mark twice to pull out the win.

1 Ineta Radevica Nebraska 6.48m 2.9 21-03.25 10
6.22m(1.8) 6.19m(2.4) 6.48m(2.9) 6.21m(2.0) 6.41m(2.7) 6.48m(3.5)
2 Marshevet Hooker Texas 6.48m 2.5 21-03.25 8
FOUL(2.6) 6.40m(1.3) 6.48m(2.5) 6.24m(2.3) FOUL(2.1) 5.80m(3.7)
3 Queeneth Evurunobi Kansas State 6.44m 2.2 21-01.50 6
6.13m(2.8) 6.19m(NWI) 6.44m(2.2) 6.04m(2.1) 5.98m(1.5) FOUL(2.0)