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  • High School runner

    I coach a high school female freshmen
    she runs the
    100m- 13.6
    200m- 28.3
    300h- 52.6
    400m- 1:02.2
    1600m- 5:28
    3200m- 13:20

    What do some of you think her best event is?
    She is undefeated in the 1600 never been pushed
    And only 1 lose in the 800.

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    Re: High School runner

    She definitely seems like a distance runner. That 1600m time is pretty good for a freshman. I wouldn't run her below 800m but a 4x400m now and then might be useful.


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      Re: High School runner

      The 800/ 1600 times excite me the most, and especially because the 3200 is soooo sloooow- was this a lack of endurance, or lack of focus? Either it should be alot faster, or she will run a whole lot better at the 400 to 1600 range once she gets the training in to get the 3200 down.
      But it will take either a good coach or a great team to not plug her into the 400 once she gets that down below 60- which is what she will need to run very well at the 1600.


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        Re: High School runner

        The 3200 is slow because she only ran it once and before she ran it she already ran a 1600 400 and 800.


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          Re: High School runner

          That explains it. But be careful running that many races- that would be a weeks worth of workouts is they were run hard.


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            Re: High School runner

            I think she shows promise in all three mdistances...

            In Utah, this is how she would rank:
            400m- 1:02.2 (13th)
            800m- 2:25.2 (10th)
            1600m- 5:28 (17th)

            400 meters--1. Heidi Magill (Mountain View), 56.43; 12. 1:02.41

            800 meters--1. Heidi Magill (Mountain View), 2:08.74; 9. 2:25.30.

            1,600 meters--1. Heidi Magill (Mountain View), 5:09.61; 16. 5:28.16 (unofficially, Heidi ran 4:47 in her leg of the NR-setting DMR at National Indoors)


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              Re: High School runner

              a friend of mine started out her freshman year running sprint relays for the varsity team. Her coach got her into cross-country, and she did a ton of summer mileage. now, her junior year, she is one of the top milers (5:01) in the state. She also successfully ran the 800m and the 3200m as well.


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                Re: High School runner

                I think she need to work on her 1600 race


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                  Re: High School runner

                  She just PRed in both races.
                  and 62.2 4x4 2ng Leg

                  Next year my goal is to get her down to 12.9, 27.5, and 59+ in the sprint races. I feel if she gets faster her 800 time will go down and she will have a better kick in the 1600.


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                    Re: High School runner

                    >feel if she gets faster her 800 time will go down and she will have a better
                    >kick in the 1600.

                    Which I believe runs contrary to the theory espoused by Arthur Lydiard. Do you really think any kick she develops in the 1600 will be anywhere near her current 13.6 100m speed? If not, then I think best improvement possibilities lie in developing her ability to hold her speed better over the longer distance.

                    Much of the discussion about the current state of American miling seems to center on the fact that many are training to be able to drop a smoking finishing kick, yet aren't able to run fast enough to put themselves in the position to make use of that kick.


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                      Re: High School runner

                      I agree that a kick is not just raw speed. Our better milers can all run 49 for 400, if not faster. But can they run 53 for 2 in a row? Admittedly running faster helps you run faster, but I feel the limiting factor is the strength to maintain speed, not raw speed.