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Non-DL London: M 100m


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    Re: Non-DL London: M 100m

    [quote=efua ninsin]
    Originally posted by Trackfans08
    Originally posted by "efua ninsin":19xsof5k
    Originally posted by Pelpa
    For those outside of the soap opera, the gesture shown by Blake before and after the race was a stab at Asafa regarding the "its a big man's thing" statement. Blake was putting it to asfa by his Gesture that I am the "little man" (not as experienced youngster) who will beat you.
    dude blake has been doing that gesture since early last year. So what did it mean then?

    When did you see Yohan doing that two finger gesture last year? Early last year he was doing the now you see me, now you don't gesture...then he wasn't doing anything much after that.
    he did it at the beginning of almost every race when he was being announced. youtube doesn't have too many announcements so i can't present evidence. But i remember thinking how ridiculous he looked and wondering what the hell it meant[/quote:19xsof5k]

    LOL and Bolt made that gesture back in 2009 before the finals of the 100 and or 200 meters In Berlin... After that he screamed yeaah yeaah something like that.
    This was no stab at Safa at all.