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are my times any good?


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  • are my times any good?

    hi. i am a female high school freshman. i was wondering if my times are any good?
    100- 12.8
    200- 26.3
    400- 60.5
    4x1 split- 11.9
    4x2 split- 25.3
    4x4 split- 57.7
    4x8 split- 2:21

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    Re: are my times any good?

    Let's put it this way. There have been sprinters running no faster than you are as a freshman, who have gone on to become Olympic sprint finalists. One Canadian woman ran 12.3 in her senior year of high school, then 12.07 the year after, then 11.20 the year after that. Many of the best athletes do NOT run exceptionally well until they are around 18 or older.

    Your 400 relay split is interesting, it indicates you can run a few seconds better than your best 400. I think your best bet right now is to continue working on SPEED for the next few years, many coaches burn out young athletes by running them into the ground with too much special endurance training. If I was your coach I'd keep you in the sprints up to 400 for now with the occasional foray into the 800. I'd probably even delay making the 400 your primary focus for a few more years.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: are my times any good?

      I'd say those times are quite good for a freshman, especially those 100 and 200 times. Keep working hard!
      "Run fast and keep turning left."