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What's the turnaround time for drug tests?


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  • gh
    Re: What's the turnaround time for drug tests?

    At major meets they do everything possible to expedite the testing so that the medals get properly assigned, if possible. This is made easier by having the athlete and representatives still in town, and the testing facility right there also.

    I believe that as part of normal testing protocol, if the A is positive the athlete has rights to be present/have representation at the B test. So if athlete X has a positive A in Daegu, he's still in town and the federation and/or his agent is right there with him.

    If it happens at Z├╝rich a week after the WC, there's no facility for testing, so by the time the samples are taken and sent by some hyper-secure method to the lab, making sure the critical chain-of-custody laws aren't violated, etc., etc., it can be days/weeks before the sample actually gets done.

    By then, of course, the athlete may be on a different continent (and his agent/lawyer on yet another, so there are three to deal with). And then begins the delicate dance of getting everybody together again.

    You can see what one of the WADA dudes a few months back suggested that perhaps B samples should simply be done away with. (not that I necessarily agree; nor would Bernard Lagat).

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  • Grasshopper
    started a topic What's the turnaround time for drug tests?

    What's the turnaround time for drug tests?

    In light of the drug-related "breaking news" (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=44079), I'm curious to learn how long it actually takes for in-competition drug test to be performed and reported. This news (and it seems like most other similar announcements) always seem to come out several weeks after the fact. How soon after the actual tests do the officials, governing bodies, athletes, and other inner-circle folks learn about these results? Is it hours, days, or weeks later? Wasn't Ben Johnson's bust announced only a few days after his race? Just curious.