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on left-handed discus throwing [split]


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  • Marlow
    Re: US World Champs Team Announced

    There must be times when the wind is strong from exactly the wrong direction, so the left-handed guy wins easily!!

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  • NormZylstra
    started a topic on left-handed discus throwing [split]

    on left-handed discus throwing [split]

    Originally posted by gh
    Originally posted by 26mi235
    Originally posted by gh
    ... in this case hurricane is spelled "C-h-u-l-a V-i-s-t-a"; no credence should be placed on marks from there as representative of what will happen in a closed stadium.
    "no credence " seems to be an over-strong statement.... although I am a bit vague and no body seems able to quantify the effect.
    I'm guessing you've never watched world-class discus throwers close up throwing on open fields with big quartering winds.
    2005 NCAA D3 Championships, men's discus (not the most skilled at flying the discus). The top-12 throwers PB with two over the meet record... throwing into a thunderstorm coming over the Iowa cornfields. Usually matching what you threw to get in the meet places you in the top-8 at a championship meet.
    Wind can add meters to a throw... esp when you're used to releasing with the outer rim of the discus down (scooping), knowing it'll roll over (to the left) as the rotation slows... try that in a stadium and you're rolling your discus on it's edge.