A message from Throwers Podcast:

Greetings Track Fans,
We (Shot Putter, Noah Bryant, and his coach, John Amneus) have started a new Throwers Podcast interview series. Each episode is an hour-long, in-depth audio interview with the biggest names in the world of throwing. Each episode is completely free to download.

You can download the first 2 podcasts directly from our website at http://www.throwerspodcast.com or by finding us in iTunes. We have long form interviews with John Godina and Suzy Powell-Roos available now. Upcoming interviews include Arizona State University Throws Coach, Dave Dumble and Adam Nelson. You can learn all about the Throwers Podcast at our website.

You can subscribe to us through iTunes, subscribe to the RSS Feed on the website, or follow us on Twitter (@throwerspodcast), and you'll be notified when these become available. Our goal is to produce one episode per month.

As we are fairly new at this, we encourage your feedback. You can contact us directly through our website. Please spread the word and thanks for your support. We hope you enjoy it.
-Noah and John