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For all you Daegu prognosticators


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  • For all you Daegu prognosticators

    Don't ya love the what's-the-dealio-with-soandso questions?

    Is Powell hurt?
    Can McQuay excel on the Big Stage?
    Will Borza launch his kick too late (again)?
    Can Mo come back at full strength after the 10K?
    Is K Bekele really ready?
    Which Oliver will show up?
    Has Van Zijl regained his fitness? Can USA sweep the m400H?
    Who's fit for the mMar? Or the women's?
    Who (besides MJR) has a clue about the Walks?!
    Who'll bobble their 4x1 passes? Maybe T&T can pass both Jam and USA!
    Can Hooker jump?
    Which mSPer will be hot THAT day?
    Can Kibwe regain his 80m form?
    Eaton or Hardee?

    Can Jeter double? Can VCB? Can Felix? Can Defar? Can VCher?
    Is SRR fully healthy?
    Which Semenya shows up?
    Can Pearson hold off the Amis AGAIN?
    Which Jam will beat Demus? Can both?
    What's Isi's status? What's Jennski's? What's Rogo's?
    Will Klinshina be the most photographed person at the meet? :wink:
    Saladukha or Savigne, pick 'em.
    What are Gong and Li's readiness?
    Which wHT fave will tank miserably?

    The mind reels with the variables!!! :wink: :twisted:

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    Re: For all you Daegu prognosticators

    Other than that?
    I reckon that is why you can't phone it in.