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    Re: Zürich DL m100

    Originally posted by Amaru523
    Originally posted by Bolan
    Originally posted by Amaru523
    If Tyson Gay comes back next year and he's 100% healthy, Blake ain't touching him, he'll be close, but not close enough. If Bolt and Gay are both 100% in London Blake gets Bronze.

    As far as Dix goes, I truly think he could easily run low 9.8's or even high 9.7's if he greatly improves his start. Just look at the Zurich race, after 10 meters he's already way behind Blake and Powell, but once he gets going he's able to stay with them.
    Tyson Gay and asafa days of beating up on blake are over, well i will venture and say it is even more so for gay. Tyson gay has a better PB than asafa but any true track fan who is not a flag waver can tell that asafa has much more natural talent than gay, he simply just does not have the heart and work ethichs as gay.
    Asafa has only two option now, retire or get serious and put the work in or he will never even make the jamaica relay team, i think that dismal situation may be the motivating factor.
    Finally, i am tired of hearing all this nonsense about walter dix, the guy is an arrogant tier two sprinter who can hardly beat a 35 year old guy who came out of retirement and you all keep talking these nonsense!!
    I will be bold and say all these talents are better than dix: Blake, thompson, lemaitre and carter
    Okay, so you obviously hate Walter Dix.

    Dix is 2nd tier? Okay so who is top tier? Bolt, Powell, Gay, and Blake?

    In case you missed it, Dix is an Olympic Bronze medalist and a WC Silver medalist. He finished ahead of Lemaitre, Thompson, and Carter in Daegu. That 35 year old also beat those guys, so whats your point? A guy with a PR of 9.88 in the 100m and a 19.69 in the 200m should get a tad more respect. :roll:

    Your comments make ZERO sense.

    Dix has a PR of 9.88, so is it really a stretch to say that with a better start he could improve by less than a tenth of a second? Saying Powell could improve his PR by 3 tenths is somehow similar? GTFOH.

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    it is not my intent to engage in personal attacks,hence i sincerely apologize for you not been able to recognize my sarcasm about asafa running 9.4's. just in case you are still having difficulty understanding sarcasm (hint! hint! ) my apology is also sarcastic.
    moving on to real track debate, if medals are the prerequisite for tier one then Kim Collins and shawn crawford are just as deserving to be classified as tier 1 as walter dix.

    Blake, thompson, lemaitre and carter have accomplish just as much as dix.
    Blake-need no explanation
    Thompson- has a better pr and the medals which he did not earn by virtue of disqualification
    Carter- we all know the guy is coming back from an injury, furthermore he owned dix last year and has a better PB
    Lemaitre- has accomplish more than any of those sprinters in their early career except bolt and blake who are prodigy. heck he is gradually improving his time, thats an accomplishment that dix has not done in yerars. furthermore lemaitre start and 200m running has a lot more potential for improvement than dix.
    For the record i dont hate dix, i just hate his arrogant personality the same way i hated all the other orogant personality of his fellow countrymen. the only difference between him and them is that they were winning gold medals and earned the right to be cocky, untill then be respectfull to the GOAT and his prodigy training partner who is now the world champion. Asafa beat the guy while injured and funning only 60m. which other tier 1 athlete can asafa do that to? none! thats my point! there are only 4 tier 1 sprinters and you know them, untill an athlete starts to consistently run 9.8 he is not a tier one.