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FIN-SWE (FIN wins men, SWE wins women)


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  • Elival
    Re: FIN-SWE (FIN wins men, SWE wins women)

    Originally posted by LopenUupunut
    (Finland also won walks and boys)

    Men's results: FIN 206 - SWE 194
    Swedens women won for the 11th time in a row. Anna Wessman won the JT, just 22 cm from the Swedish record. First time a Swede has won the women JT in 32 years! And Swedens women crushed the Finns 225-182

    Sweden also won the girls section and the wheelchair. I don´t think wheelchair and walk are interesting at all, but since you mentioned the walk and also mentioned the wheelchair last year, then I mention it this year also. Your posts are a bit one-sided :lol:

    No world class results at all, not even the mens JT, but this competition is all about points and team and fighting spirit!

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  • LopenUupunut
    started a topic FIN-SWE (FIN wins men, SWE wins women)

    FIN-SWE (FIN wins men, SWE wins women)

    (Finland also won walks and boys)

    Men's results: FIN 206 - SWE 194

    Full results:

    There weren't any really world class marks in any event. The best Finnish performance was probably this:

    1. Antti Ruuskanen 82.02
    2. Ari Mannio 81.69

    Men's long jump was pretty exciting:

    1. Tommi Evilä FIN 786
    2. Mikko Kivinen FIN 785
    3. Michel Tornéus SWE 783

    (Tornéus had some huge fouls with clear winning potential, while Kivinen had one 770 jump with 30cm to spare in takeoff...)

    On the Swedish side, the brothers Arrhenius turned in a good performance, going 1-2 in both SP and DT.

    Men's 800 and 1500 were also highlights, though the latter was somewhat anticlimactic (with no disqualifications).

    On the women's side... well, it beats me why some people here think slow and tactical races are somehow American. Here are the splits from w1500:

    400m - 1:32.08
    800m - 2:53.32
    1200m - 4:03.52

    (Karin Storbacka (FIN) won in 4:46.28)