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Men's 800 All-Time : by Top-5 Average


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  • Men's 800 All-Time : by Top-5 Average

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    Re: Men's 800 All-Time : by Top-5 Average

    Interesting that Johnny Gray's average is better than Seb Coe's.


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      Re: Men's 800 All-Time : by Top-5 Average

      I appreciate this sort of statistical analysis b/c it brings another dimension of an athlete's excellence into perspective. We know (not to say that we agree) who the greats are in terms of records, medals, and by who populates the all-time lists. This helps with the latter of these criteria.

      And, of course, one can play this analytical game deeper and deeper into the lists. Thus, for the top 6 @ best 5 average time (Rudisha, Kipketer, Cruz, Bungei, Gray, Coe), if we do the top-10 average time, the order changes a bit:

      Kipketer 1:41.995 (which is kind of amazing, assuming my math is correct)
      Rudisha 1:42.035
      Cruz 1:42.848
      Gray 1:43.127
      Bungei 1:43.175
      Coe 1:43.382

      My guess is that if we did top-15 or more, Gray would move ahead of Cruz, which is a measure of Gray's long-term excellence. Also, it's not surprising both that Coe is #6 in the top-5 average, and that in doing the top-10 average, a bit more of a gap opens up between the first 5 on the list and him. After all, the other five were pretty much, or totally, 800m specialists, in contrast w Coe.

      All these guys great, however we arrange the stats!


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        Re: Men's 800 All-Time : by Top-5 Average

        As always, this is great work. Thank you.

        PS I am really looking forward to seeing more field events.