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  • Aydad Reyes

    I was reading the piece on ESPN of Aydad Reyes, the Southwestern College runner who was detained, and nearly deported, due to her immigration status. ... knows-home

    What annoys me is the writer using selective fact omission regarding her athletic prowess to embellish his story, now on ESPN's front page.

    However, adding injury to insult, in the California(junior college) State Championship on Nov. 19 in Fresno, where everyone expected Reyes to dominate, she fell and was stampeded by other runners. But characteristically, she got up and, while still bleeding and in pain, passed more than 200 runners to finish fifth.

    Now maybe she did fall at State, and if so it was quite a feat to rally to a 5th place finish. However, I'm not sure how "everyone expected her to dominate", considering at the SoCal Regional meet two weeks before(11/4), Reyes finished a well-beaten 8th, 25 seconds behind winner Karen Rosas of Glendale(who also won the State meet) - a fact the writer conveniently omits entirely from the story, despite mentioning the one before(her conference championship), and the one after(state).

    But hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good story...
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    Re: Aydad Reyes

    Oh man yeah. Imagine that, messing up a good story with the facts!

    Well from one Reyes to another... hang in there and "Keep-on-Chooglin!"
    (That I even remember that phrase let alone knows what it means shows how freaking old I am!!)