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Lee Evans needs our help


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  • Lee Evans needs our help

    Originally posted by JumboElliott
    I'm saying that he didn't have to leave America because it "isn't free" but expect for his medical bills to get picked up by the government when he (presumably) doesn't pay taxes, have health insurance or medicare, all things that would be available if he hadn't decided to go live in a third world country.
    Whether it's 'free' or not what he's contributed to the US goes way past any financial contributions he may or may not have made. The idea that someone does or doesn't get life saving medical treatment because they don't have the money is aborhant and worthy of a third word country that can't afford universal health care, not one that considers itself the pre-eminent country in the world but that chooses not to for political reasons.
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    Re: Lee Evans needs our help

    That blog entry in "The Nation" is the only quasi-media report that I have seen that even mentions health insurance problems.

    All the other traditional sources I have seen say he is resting in the hospital and waiting until a surgeon returns from a trip to further evaluate his surgical needs.