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Conference Winners to Regionals?

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  • Conference Winners to Regionals?

    I don't think you guys ever mentioned it in your list of rules for getting into the regionals, but don't all conference winners get in even if they don't have a qualifying mark?

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    Re: Conference Winners to Regionals?

    Yes, Conference champions definitely get in no matter what. If you go to theofficial NCAA list of men's qualifers

    you'll see, for example, that there are 93 qualifiers for the100. 84 of them have run the requisite 10.50 or better; the last 9 (all w/ CC at the end) are in as Conference winners.

    The women's URL, by the way, is

    And if you go to compiler Bob Podkaminer's home page, you'll be able to navigate your way to find the Q lists split out for each Regional.


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      Re: Conference Winners to Regionals?

      All this info is also available at

      [insert derogatory comment on self-promotion here]