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Indoor Race For Long Hurdler?


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  • Indoor Race For Long Hurdler?

    What is the best race for a 400 hurdler during the indoor season? We're talking post-collegiate but not sponsored or anything, just love to train and race and improve. 400? 800? 200? Mix and match?

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    Re: Indoor Race For Long Hurdler?

    A few decades ago, most of the long hurdlers ran 600y indoors. You don't see too many races at that distance these days, but that would still be an ideal race. 500m would be good too. But of course what's right for you may also be the 400m or 800m, depending on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Another important factor would be whether you are looking for serious compeition and significant achievements at indoor track or, on the other hand, you're viewing the early months of the year as a training period and just looking for some places to compete on isolated occasions.


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      Re: Indoor Race For Long Hurdler?

      Having been a 440IH guy in college, I very much wish I had done more 'base' work and overdistance in the fall/winter. I think the 800 is a great race to run before the outdoor season. But train like a 800 runner. I never had a problem with speed or technique in season, but I sure had a problem in strength. My 100m splits for a 55 (yeah, I know I wasn't that good) were 13-12-14-16, and the first 200 felt very comfortable. Go with the strength training/racing!