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  • Texas HS Championships

    As always, I am so pumped up about the upcoming Texas championships that I can hardly sleep at night.

    Man, I can't believe no one on this forum has yet commented on Erica McLain (Plano East), unless I just missed it. At her regional championships meet, she triple jumped 44-3 1/2! Wind-aided, but nonetheless, that's further than Ychlindria Spears' (also a Texan) national record. She also has a legal 43-1 1/2. All I've been hearing about on this board regarding Texas high schoolers is Scott Sellers' 7-5, so I was mighty shocked when I saw her mark. Thankfully, I'll get to see both.

    The forecast here in Austin is for rain, so I bet I don't see another NR (I was there when Spears set hers), but you never know.

    I expect the girls LJ will be better competition-wise, but I probably won't be able to see it because I'll be covering other athletes for the San Angelo newspaper. McLain has a 19-7, Francheska Ketchum (Elsik) has a 20-0 1/4, and four other girls are in the 19s.

    (You'll notice I only said "I was there" when Spears set her mark. That's because I didn't actually see it. Tragic story, and forgive me if I've told it before: I was in the press box, right abover her pit, trying to type up my story and watch her at the same time. I kept looking down at my computer, then looking up to make sure I caught her. Look down, look up, look down. I saw most of her jumps, all in the 41-42 range if I remember correctly. Then, I had my face buried in the computer for a second too long, and I hear this tremendous explosion of a roar. I had missed her jump. And then the official flipped the sign: 44-2. I was catatonic for a second, while the other sportswriters were trying to process the significance of the numbers, and I finally managed to blurt out, "That's a national record!" Suddenly, the press box goes nuts with my colleagues trying to see if I'm right. It still makes me wail and gnash my teeth that I missed actually seeing it.)
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    Re: Texas HS Championships

    Which is why it is nice to have the luxury of having a friend or two at the meet. The field events can be parcelled out, and key performers can be noted. In vertical jumps, when things get high, there is often even an annoucement of attempts, but the other events can have unexpected bolts at any time. Ironically, I have only missed one WR when I was in the stadium. At Modesto, I ducked out for a quick cig because I didn't think Stacy would vault during the opening ceremonies. That worked like a charm. I missed another, in '77 at W Cup (Ackerman's 1.97) because I was told (incorrectly) that the money change at the train station would close before the meet was over, and I had to pay the hotel bill. I waited at the hotel, and waited, and...
    When the others returned, I asked, how high did Rosie jump? They were a bit releived, as they had been debating on the way back how to tell me.


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      Re: Texas HS Championships

      I'll be there too. Should be a great meet, hopefully with some records if the weather holds up!


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        Re: Texas HS Championships


        I'm sure I'll be posting my impressions of the meet each night after I get home, especially after the 5A meet. I'd love to see yours, too. (And anybody else's, for that matter.)
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          Re: Texas HS Championships

          I appreciate you keeping us informed. Girls triple jump and boys high jump could both produce national records if the rains hold off. I do think Mr. Sellers has been playing it safe all year long. He obviously tested himself in Humble a couple weeks ago by clearing 7'5" yet again. That clearance makes at least the 3rd time he has jumped that height or higher if you include the unofficial 7'5" in practice that coach Derks reported. Who knows what he's done since then in practice. I just wish the boys triple jump and the high jump for 5A wasn't so closely scheduled. It could fatigue him. However, it should still be a good competition.
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            Re: Texas HS Championships

            If any of the regulars on this board are at the meet, I'd love to meet you. I'll be wearing a black T-shirt with a picture the famous Greek discus thrower statue on the front. However, as I'll be covering the meet for a newspaper, I may not have much time to talk.
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              Re: Texas HS Championships

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                Re: Texas HS Championships

                AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! As always! I love this meet, and I especially love the 4x4s. The 5A boys was one hell of a barnburner. Crazy mass finish:

                1 San Antonio East Central 3:15.07
                2 Klein Forest 3:15.12
                3 Cedar Hill 3:15.26
                4 Midland Lee 3:15.41

                But of course, the news you're all waiting for: No, Scott Sellers did not get a new national record. He jumped a beautiful 7-4 (national outdoor leader), and then tried to break the National Federation Record. He took three good tries at 7-6, including one that saw his whole body over the bar, but he clipped it with his heel. Smart meet officials: they held up the action on the track while he took his attempts. (Of course, T&FN recognizes the post-graduation 7-7 of Andra Manson.)

                Sellers also got 2nd in the TJ, 48-2 1/2 (2.1 wind).

                OTHER HIGHLIGHTS (everything Class 5A unless otherwise noted)

                National leaders (and it's possible I'm leaving some out, this is just what I saw):
                * 800: Jacob Hernandez (Magnolia) 1:48.48. Missed Jonathon Johnson's state record by just .27.

                * 110H: Jason Richardson (Cedar Hill) 13.46. Three runners under 14, wind legal.

                * 300H: Richardson again, 36.05.

                * 4x100, Class 4A: Lancaster, 40.28 ... IN LANE 1!

                * TJ: Erica McClain (Plano East) won with an illegal 43-4 (wind 2.2), but also posted a legal 43-2 1/4.

                * 400: Katie Baker (Houston Westside), 53.48 (outdoor national leader)

                Almost national leaders:
                * 100, Class 4A: Cleo Tyson (Huntsville), 11.51, wind 2.1

                * 200: Tyson again, 23.41, legal wind. In class 5A, Krystin Lacy (Dallas Skyline) did 23.45, legal.

                * 1600: Erin Bedell (Plano West), 4:47.33 (translates to 4:49.0 mile)

                * 100H: Three girls broke 14, into a headwind. Alandra Sherman (Houston Eisenhower) won, 13.58.

                * 300H: Three girls under 43, led by Lindsey Adams (Lufkin), 41.83.

                * 4x1 girls: Four teams under 47 in class 5A, led by Dallas Skyline, 44.60. The announcer mistakenly said it was a national record; he didn't know about LB Poly's 44.50 earlier this year. In class 4A, three teams broke 47.

                *4x2 girls: Houston North Shore, 1:35.79

                * Awesome HJ competition. Three girls cleared 6-0, and took some very good shots at 6-1. Destinee Hooker (San Antonio Southwest) won on fewest misses.

                * Boys sprints: Texas boys have been unusually absent from the national 100/200 lists this year. They changed that this weekend. Last night, Ivory Williams (Beamont Central) did 10.33, followed by Bradley Reed (Greenville), 10.43, wind legal. Otis McDaniel (San Antonio Taft) in class 5A did 10.51. The 200 was even better: Coming into the race, there were NO Texans on the national list; after the race, there were five, led by McDaniel in 21.15.

                Dammit, now I have to wait a whole 12 months to do this again.
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