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Hasay Olympic Trials?


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    Re: Hasay Olympic Trials?

    Originally posted by Dave
    This was a fine effort but the A standard is 4:06 and the B standard is 4:08.9. Any chance of her getting to 4.06?
    Well, to go back to her comments in the article linked at the beginning of this thread, she said, "I really don't think I'm going to make it this time."

    And then we discussed many things Hasay-related, along with some Hasay-related meta-topics, such as, whether we should be discussing her so much.

    In the meantime, she had a very successful PAC-12 championship meet!


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      Re: Hasay Olympic Trials?

      Hehehe... My, my, my... So many 'experts' with so many opinions.

      Jordan is doing very well at Oregon in both academics and sports. "Very" well actually and yet it seems that isn't enough?

      And 'no kick'? Ah... Gee... I seem to remember a year in HS when she held off Babcock and Chetelet in a couple of titanic races and those girls, especially Lauren, were known to have quit the finish.
      And this past weekend Tebo/Pixler and Flood were left in the dust. While not world class kickers they're slouches either.

      I guess it's Ms Hasay's smooth running style that makes her look like she's not kicking?

      In any case here's the bottom line, Jordan's going to be fine and is enjoying running again. (Ala Jeremy Wariner) Relax folks... She'll make the Olympics. Maybe not this year but someday.