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Stevenson 5.94 yesterday


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  • Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

    Sky Athletics Invite
    Phoenix, AZ

    1st Toby Stevenson 5.94m
    2nd Brad Walker 5.82m
    3rd Jeff Hartwig 5.70m
    4th Tye Harvey 5.70m
    5th Justin Norberg 5.70m
    6th Tim Mack 5.70m
    7th Piotr Buciarski 5.60m
    Keenan King 5.60m
    9th Pat Manson 5.60m
    10th Nick Hysong 5.50m
    11th Bubba McClean 5.35m
    12th Mark Calvin 5.20m
    13th Adam Keul 5.20m

    1st Jillian Schwartz 4.60m
    2nd Stacy Dragila 4.60m
    3rd Kellie Suttle 4.50
    4th Stephany McCann 4.40m
    5th April Steiner 4.40m
    6th Shannon Gallagher 4.20m
    7th Eric Bartolina 4.00m

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    Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

    methinks the lad's for real...


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      Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

      I doth agree


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        Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

        That's a PR for Brad Walker


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          Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

          And Stacy beaten domestically. Should be even more incentive for the near and long term.

          from the AP wire report:

          The former Stanford jumper said there is no big reason for his breakthrough this season.

          "I attribute it to just growing up a little bit, studying the event a little bit more, paying my dues," Stevenson said. "Slowly working my way up the ranks, paying my dues, and it's paying off this year. It's hard work. That's all it is - hard work."


          "Dragila, who moved to Phoenix from Pocatello, Idaho, a year ago to train with Hysong's coach Greg Hull, said she's been bothered by a tight hip muscle that prevented her from running fast enough down the runway.

          'I finally had a chance to work with a good therapist, but unfortunately haven't had a good week of work on it yet,' Dragila said."


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            Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

            and my "Devil in a Blue dress" rules as she ='s her PR.


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              Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

              >Maybe I've just been missing something, but I was surprised to see Pat Manson's
              >name in the results list -- ninth at a respectable 5.60. I thought he was
              >retired, or at least not doing much elite vaulting. How old is this guy?
              >Hasn't he been around forever?

              It was announced at the meet last night that this is Manson's 19th year in a row of vaulting 18 feet or higher.


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                Re: Stevenson 5.94 yesterday

                He's 'only' 36! Jumped 18 at 18 and has done it 18 straight!