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Where's the Oxy love?


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  • Where's the Oxy love?

    I might be missing it, but after staying up till after 1 AM on the east coast to watch the live stream of the Oxy High Performance Meet I thought there would be more chatter. I was shocked to see Rupp's run (as well as Mo Farah) and Robbie Andrews coming from Wayyy back to nearly steal the win in a HUGE PR. It seemed that every race was realatively fast and entertaining.

    Watching David Torrence finally nail the A standard in his prime event and his reaction was one of the reasons I love T&F. Plus seeing Ritz run the A standard, and Evan Jaeger face plant and still get his A. Don Cabral's AmCR was also a shock.

    All this and I haven't even touched on the womens races :shock:

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    Re: Where's the Oxy love?

    I love it too...what an amazing array of great distance running marks and interesting competiton in one evening!


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      Re: Where's the Oxy love?

      First, I thought Jager's face plant was the most entertaining part.

      Then, Mo and Galen put a spectacular show in 1500m. :!:

      Then, Mo gave us even more exciting moment in 5000m. :shock:

      And I had thought 5000m at Payton Jordan was a pretty exciting stuff. :lol: