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    The WAC track in Houston was curious. In the first two days, the weather ranged from bad on Wednesday to heavy thunderstorms with lightening on Thursday. The coaches determined that it was not possible, considering the lightening hitting around in the middle of a driving rain, to continue the multis. However, the weather report for Friday was good. Therefore, the 2nd day of the decathlon was cancelled, with places for the team championships determined by the first day, while the last three events of the Hep. would be concluded on Friday morning for a full non-heptathlon.

    In the Dec. Rice's Ryan Harlan had won all five events and had about a 700 point lead going into the second day where he was an easy favorite in at least three of the events. OK, so we had a non-heptathlon and a reasonable solution the the Dec within the local situation. It might (?) have been possible to wait out the night on Thursday to see if the weather would clear -- but it didn't.

    However, on Friday, with Harlan entered in the pole vault (2nd), the shot (3rd) and the prelims of the 110 hurdles (2nd best Qual. time), the coaches decided to return to the decathlon on Saturday morning and finish it, starting at 9:00.
    So, off we went, Harlan won the hurdles and the discus easily, waited until the vault was at 4.45, cleared on his first, went xxo at 4.55 and retired, eventually finishing 2nd in this event. He followed by winning the JT and with about an 1100 point lead, jogged the first 300 meters of the 1500 and stepped off the track for a final score of just under 7000. He returned later in the afternoon to finish 2nd in the hurdles, fourth in the HJ, and 5th in the JT for a total of 41 points. Apparently any feeling that having to complete the non-decathlon and then handle the other events with difficulty was not a problem to Harlan. Fortunately, Saturday weather was completely perfect; cool by Houston standards, not humid, with light breezes.

    For a Rice-ex, it was exhilirating to see Rice win both the men's and women's divisions at the same time for the first time ever. The men had last won a Conference championship in the old Southwest Conference in 1971 (and by one point), while they scored 200 this time and were handily ahead. The women have been dominant in the WAC over the past several years.

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    As a non-Rice-ex: wow!