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Tell your story and help T&F a web page!


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  • Tell your story and help T&F a web page!

    Many athletes find it hard to put up a web site about themselves... mostly because many are afraid of criticism.

    However, there are many advantages: High school athletes can connect with colleges ($), collegiate athletes can help generate interest in their school and professional athletes can generate fans, support and sponsorships!($$$).

    It's really not that hard and you don't have to look like Anna Kournikova to make it work... although she makes a lot of ($) doing it... and hasn't won much.

    Soooo... where do you start? Well, if you don't have an idea...STEAL ONE!. Why reinvent the wheel when there are many good examples out there.

    One my site, I have a few suggestions on what to think about for web pages:

    My daughter Karen has a great site... and her newsletter is widely read... so it can be done even with humble beginings:
    (link to newsletter archive is on site)

    Any questions... my help is free.

    Good Luck

    Roger Freberg

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    Re: Tell your story and help T&F a web page!

    Well, I have to admit, one of my first thoughts was kinda like, wow, what an ego! Shameless self-promotion and all that. But I was also impressed at how well done it was, with all sorts of stuff to inspire aspiring throwers and the next 40-50 foot girls coming out of HS or in college. And in an event as under-appreciated as the women's shot, it needs all the help it can get. Between Karen, NC's Laura G., Michelle Carter and others, the event has a bright future.