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National Junior Olympics: July 23-29


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    Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29

    Dave Volz's son, Deakin, jumped 14-7 to finish second in the IG PV.


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      Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29

      Originally posted by Marlow
      Dave Volz's son, Deakin, jumped 14-7 to finish second in the IG PV.
      Thanks, Marlow, for the contribution!!
      Was wondering if I was doing this all for my own pleasure!!
      (Nah!! This thread has over 500 views!!)

      Sorry I missed Deakin Volz's mark.
      Been focusing on those breaking JO records....and those further down with "familiar" names.
      Must have not seen.....or recognized......Volz's name.
      ( I DO remember Daddy Dave, of course!! Remember it's Dave who the term "Volzing the bar" came from!!!)

      While I'm here, only 1 more JO mark to report from today.
      The Miramar Optimist TC ran the girls age 9-10 4X100R in a record time of 52.91. Old JO mark was 53.62. (Edit: Just noticed they broke their OWN JO record they set in the Q's of 53.44!!

      Final day is tomorrow.....and it's ALL finals!!!

      BTW, speaking of familiar names, do you know the answers to my queries from earlier.....about the kids named Lauren Williams, Hightower, Brisco, etc?? Any relation??


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        Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29

        It's ALMOST done (4X400's and a few field events), but LOTS to report.

        In the boys SP, Angelo Allen (B 2004) put 8.39, shattering the JO mark of 7.91.
        In the boys 400, Nathan Leacock (Who else??) won in 67.06, but a faster time was run in the semis yesterday, so it's not a record.
        Leacock himself ran faster yesterday, with a 66.18.
        No record, but in the age 17-18 girls 400, Kendall Baisden won in 53.90.
        Also no record, but in the boys age 17-18 400, Marcus Chambers (B 1994) ran a good time of 46.18.
        That record is held by Jerome Young, with his 45.63 back in 1995!!
        In the girls 1500, Dashana Morris (B 2004) won in 5:32.33, beating the JO record of 5:41.34!!
        In the girls 100H, Quenee Dale (B 1996) won in 13.80, beating the old JO mark of 13.87.
        In the girls 100, Kaylin Whitney (B 1998) won in a new JO mark of 11.59.
        The old JO record was held by.......Sandra Richards (Ross)!!!.....with her 11.61 from 1999.
        Back to the No Records Department for two more items of note!!
        Aldrich Bailey won the boys 100 in 10.44.
        And Shamier Little won the girls 400H in 59.45.
        The JO record in the latter event is held by Turquoise Thompson, with her 57.67 from 2008!1

        A FINAL report will come a bit later, after the whole meet is finished!!


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          Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29



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            Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29

            The 2012 National Junior Olympics is now one for the (record) books!!

            Two more JO records to report, both in the 4X400R 8 and under category, boys and girls.

            A girls team, L.A. Jets TC, ran 4:58.56 to break the JO record of 5:05.18. However, this same team ran 4:58.22 in the semis!!
            A boys team, Carolina Elite T&F, ran 4:52.00 to crack the old JO record 4:57.60.

            Overall, who were the "MVP's"??
            Obviously, this is my own opinion, and you're welcome to vote for YOUR athlete of choice!!

            For the boys, it's a tie between Nathan Leacock and Aldrich Bailey.
            They're in the youngest and oldest groups, but had an equally impressive sequence of marks.
            One BIG difference, however!!
            Leacock broke FOUR JO records, while Bailey didn't break any!!
            For that reason, a SLIGHT nod to Leacock!!

            Their marks:

            Leacock: 29.42 (200 JO record), 68.41 (400 JO mark), 66.18 (JO mark, but beaten by 2 others!!), 28.65 (JO record), 67.06 (won final).

            Bailey ran, in order, 10.42 (Q), 21.05 (Q), 20.82 (semi), 10.45 (semi), 20.78 (won final), 10.44 (won final).

            For the girls, my MVP must be Kaylin Whitney (B 1998), who had wins in both the 200 (23.41) and 100 (11.59).
            But it wasn't the wins, nor even the times themselves---not really spectacular!!...but WHO held the JO records she beat in both races!!!
            One Sandra Richards (Ross)!!!!
            Yes, Ms Whitney beat not one, but TWO records held by that USA superstar, SRR!!!

            Honorable mention must go to the two female "stars" who competed, and competed well.

            Shamier Little ran her 400H races in 60.16 (Q) and 59.45.
            Kendall Baisden ran her 400's in 53.37 (Q) and 53.90 in the final!!

            Which of these record breakers (or other competitors) will be in Rio or wherever the OG are in 2020??


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              Re: National Junior Olympics: July 23-29

              I had the best authentic maryland Lump Crab cake at Moe's at the Inner Harbor saturday night ! Unbelievable ! :shock:
              "Sprintin' ain't easy,baby !