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  • Mike Lowell LJ WR holder

    Another so called 'statistician' (Nate Silver is the editor of the FiveThirtyEight blog and a longtime analyst of sports statistics) decides to analyze track and field performances. Unfortunately, the writer does not seem to know the history of the sport and uses a limited data set.

    Which Records Get Shattered?

    About nine months before a man landed on the moon, Beamon made a giant leap — 29 feet two and a half inches — that has yet to be surpassed at the Olympic Games. (Mike Lowell beat Beamon’s record at a non-Olympic meet in Tokyo in 1991, a record which itself is now more than 20 years old.) ... r-not.html
    Nevertheless, it does touch on the interesting fact that the performances in swimming just keep on improving. And apparently race walking too.

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    Re: Mike Powell LJ WR holder

    I respect Nate Silver's work, but it doesn't say much when he misspells his last Name.

    He should stick to politics and baseball. The article is a bit lame.


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      Re: Mike Lowell LJ WR holder

      Mike Lowell????..and I thought I had worked competition for all the 29 foot jumpers :?