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¶2012 OG: w4x100–United States 40.82 WR !!!!


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  • Re: ¶2012 OG: w4x100–United States 40.82 WR !!!!

    Originally posted by mump boy
    Originally posted by ATK
    Originally posted by jazzcyclist
    Originally posted by ATK
    Like I your telling me that NO TEAM has bothered to practice handoffs since 1985?
    I said Jamaica and the U.S. What part of that don't you understand?
    So explain how the record was weak if only two countries were capable of practicing enough to break it...
    And only one has actually done it....

    US 88 41.98 - This team could have SMASHED the WR but changeovers especially last one were APPALLING. SB 1.11 faster !! - .61 slower

    Brown Alice - 10.92
    Echols Sheila - 10.83
    Griffith-Joyner Florence 10.49
    Ashford Evelyn 10.81

    US 12- Not even fastest team on paper but still

    .51 faster .55 faster !! This is because of superior baton changing than previous teams PLUS foot speed, when both are combined for the first time this is the result

    Jeter - 10.78
    Madison - 10.85
    Felix - 10.89
    Knight 11.13

    This is not a comprehensive list and I know that 100m times do not necessarily translate to a relay but If any one of these teams had had had the baton passing skills of GDR the WR would be long gone and if US 88 had, it would stand for another 30 years
    Way over exaggerate the ability of the 1988 US team, as three of these SB are related to the stupid QF in the US trials.
    The real SBs are:
    Alice Brown 11.03
    Sheila Echoles 10.99
    Flo - Jo 10.61
    Ashford 10.81
    Which suggest that they are “only” 0.72 faster. I believe that the 2012 team has only slightly less foot speed because of the “Felix effect” (a real poor starter with excellent 10-110 meter speed).
    Also, the US team of 1987 (Brown - Williams - Flojo - Marshal ) had a wonderful changes (probably the best ever American changes). They ran 41.55 to win the world championship when the SB are:
    Brown: 11.01
    Williams: 11.07
    Flo-Jo: 10.96
    Marshal: 11.01