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Morgan Uceny's falling problem [split]


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    Re: Morgan Uceny's falling problem [split]

    [quote=Conor Dary]
    Originally posted by 26mi235
    Originally posted by "Conor Dary":akjcnlho
    Originally posted by mrbowie
    Conor you are a real jerk.
    What is your problem? She fell down and quite a bit, if not mostly, her own fault. .
    Conor, you can keep pushing sometimes when you have no need.
    Well, I won't argue that.

    I guess why I am not in the mourning phase, and taking this a bit lightheartedly, is I just don't take the Olympics that seriously anymore. I find the Olympics these days as something that I am glad is over. It is an overblown super expensive 2 week festival, run by an organization that has all of the morals, to me, of the Mafia. But to some it is like some sacred event that should be treated with reverence. Ugh.

    Falling is sad, and I sympathize with Ms. U. But I do think she should think more about how to avoid these 'accidents' in the future, and not just treat them as some random event like getting hit by a car going the wrong way in a one way road, or getting shot in the head, like a friend of mine years ago in Boulder, because the guy robbing your restaurant just happen to pick your place.

    Moreover, it really isn't some Shakespearean tragedy, like some people obviously think, she fell down and she will run again. But that is their problem not mine. I couldn't care less. But if they want to go around calling me names, then I am done with them.[/quote:akjcnlho]

    No comment on the personal side of things.
    But I must say I agree with you about the OG, and its place in the sport.
    As a fan of fast races (800-10K), the OG.....and just about ANY championship meet where medaling is seen as more important than running fast....can be really BORING sometimes!!
    But if the organizers want to throw their millions (billions??) around like confetti, let them!!
    I guess you could say that in the case of those distance races, greed does NOT equate to speed!!!

    As for Ms Uceny's problem, I do NOT blame HER!!!
    Yes, she could have strategized better to avoid falling.
    But so could have everyone in the field.
    It could as easily been anyone of the competitors that went down!!

    You run a 75 first lap, hit 2:23 at 800, and have EVERYONE bunched together as if they were in a phone booth, and then expect to NOT have someone go crashing to the ground??

    She fell when the last lap was just gaining lift-off speed.
    Elbows, back-kicks, feet, arms,hands....flying every which way but loose!!

    Next time, Morgan, don't allow the pace to be so slow!!
    Or run dead last, then move out to the FOURTH lane, if need be, to move to the front!!

    Jeez, I HATE those slow races!!!
    And Uceny's fall was just ONE of the consequences!!!