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  • Lausanne Predictions Thread

    Looks like this is going to be Bolt's first return to the track since the Olys, and looks like he's doing the 200m in Lausanne, not the 100 (which I'm happy about, since I wanted him to take advantage of the extra-wide Lausanne curve that that track offers).

    What do you think Bolt will run in the 200?

    How about Blake in the 100?

    Kirani in the 400? Will Santos put up a closer fight than in London, or will Kirani just crush as hard or harder?

    How about Ukhov in the HJ, will he repeat the fireworks, or was it a rare flukey performance for him in London? And what's the deal with Nieto btw, in your opinions?

    And how close will AM and JRich get to the 110HH WR? Do you think one of them will finally get it?

    Edit: Oh and how could I forget: What do you guys think Rupp will do in the 1500!?!? That should be weird/interesting.

    Okay everyone:

    On your marks!

    Get set!

    PREDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

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    Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

    Ukhov only cleared 2.24m in Eberstadt yesterday so I think we can conclude he's been celebrating a bit harder than other athletes (and rightfully so!) but why do you say his win in London was a fluke? He's been one of the best guys in the world since 2006 and I think most people knew he was capable of winning outdoor titles if he got his head together and seemingly didn't gauge his peak for late-January every year.


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      Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

      Yea, I probably phrased that poorly. I wasn't implying that I think it was a flukey performance (rather the exact opposite, since he's been my favorite high jumper for the past half decade), rather, I know that there are a lot of people who consider him to be very inconsistent and not capable of putting it up big in the outdoor meets when it really counts, etc (and also a lot of people who feel the opposite way, such as you and me and a few dozen others). It's sort of like how Walter Dix is a polarizing sprinting character on these boards, although maybe this isn't quite a parallel example, I dunno.

      Anyways, yea just want to see people's predictions for the various events, and... basically was trying to see who thinks which Gold medallists got lucky to win and will get shown up in their first "rematch" back against the people they beat in London, and which ones were legit and will put up something as good or better than they did in the Olympics, etc.

      Mainly though I just want to see people's predictions for this meet, since it's usually my favorite DL meet of the season, and I know a lot of others are excited about it too, so wanted to add some fun to it by getting the predictions rolling!


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        Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

        As I learned (or RE-learned!!) in making my predictions of medalists and winning marks for the Trials and the OG, it's best that I do NOT make predictions!! ops:
        There are always shocks and surprises, both in who wins (or loses) and in what they run or throw or jump!!
        And I include PACED races here.
        A paced race doesn't always end in a record, so more often than not is seen as a failure, and leaves the fan disappointed and feeling betrayed!!
        I LOVE those meets where the UNEXPECTED happens!!

        That said, if conditions are right (perfect!!), Bolt will run something under 19.50.
        Blake may get a PR. (Sub-9.70??)
        Rupp could go 3:32.

        Oh, shut your mouth, AaronK!!!
        Go back to sleep!! :P


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          Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

          Originally posted by nicest person ever
          And how close will AM and JRich get to the 110HH WR? Do you think one of them will finally get it?
          Merritt in 12.93 is my prediction ...


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            Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

            Just woke up again!! :shock:
            Forgot to mention (above) that maybe the best chance for a World Record might come from Natalya Antyukh in the 400H!!
            She ran 52.70 in London, just 0.36 from tying the WR, and beat the favored Lashinda Demus in the process.
            She ran her 200 PR in July, time of 22.73.
            She has a 49.85 PR in the flat 400 (but from years ago!!).
            Though she's listed as running a 49.67 anchor for Russia in the 4X400 Relay final!!
            So she has the speed.
            And the race is pretty loaded, even without Demus.
            (Why isn't she running??)


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              Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

              Originally posted by j-a-m
              Merritt in 12.93 is my prediction ...
              Heh heh

              In that case, I'll predict Ryan Bailey runs 9.88 in the 100 :P


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                Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

                also SAFP VS JETER VS VCB ,3 medalist from the Olympic games .Just maybe if they are in the mood all 3 can run 10.7 or maybe 1 can run 10.6( SAFP) .I dont think VCB is in the form of her life to run a 10.6 .I think Jeter maybe starting to gain that end of 2009 form and if she is she can run a 10.6 .If conditions are favorable, but most likely none of the above will happen .10.8 time for the winner

                My prediction is


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                  Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

                  Wow...this looks like being some meet, for the sprints in particular....

                  Men's 100m
                  Yohan Blake vs Tyson Gay

                  Men's 200m
                  Usain Bolt, but also featuring Jason Young, Warren Weir and Nickel Ashmeade

                  Women's 100m

                  I can't wait!
                  My heart is still in the Caribbean....


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                    Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

                    Alright, so, if we pretend the wind will be 0.0 for all the sprints, here are some of my pre-meet predictions:

                    Mens 100m:

                    Blake: 9.80

                    Bailey: 9.88

                    Gay: Either an injured/limpy-looking 9.90 or a DNF (I hope I'm wrong)

                    Mens 200m:

                    Bolt: 19.45

                    Weir: 19.75

                    Spearmon: 19.90

                    Mens 400m:

                    James: 44.10

                    Santos: 44.40

                    Borlee: 44.70

                    Mens 110H:

                    Merritt: 12.95

                    Richardson: 13.00

                    Oliver: 13.10

                    Womens 100m:

                    Jeter: 10.75

                    SAFP: 10.75

                    VCB: 10.90


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                      Re: Lausanne Predictions Thread

                      Would be great if Bolt gives a 19.4, but i hardly believe that will be so. More likely he will leave the field in a cloud of dust and then shut it down for the last ten metres in 19.6 or so.
                      Blake likely to go sub 9.8, with Gay and Bailey right there in his slipstream. Could be the trace of the meet.SAFP best races are usually at the Champs. Expect a fighting Jetter to get this one. Anything could happen after that, including SAFP bringing up the rear!