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Post-Championship Records


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  • Post-Championship Records

    Two weeks removed from the Olympic Games, and the season continues. Now that the peak performances may be thought to be over, what is there left to achieve in the post season? *
    Below is a list of the best performances following a global championship:
    • M-100: 9,69 (+2,0)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-200: 19,26 (+0,7)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-400: 43,82[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-800: 1.41,11[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-1500: 3.26,12[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-5000: 12.39,74[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-10000: 26.17,53[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-3000SC: 7.53,63[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-110h: 12,92 (+0,2)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-400h: 47,02[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-LJ: 8.66m (+1,0)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-TJ: 18.00m (+1,3)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-HJ: 2.38m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-PV: 6.13m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-SP: 22.16m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-DT: 71.26m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-HT: 85.60m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • M-JT: 95.66m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]

    • W-100: 10,64 (+1,2)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-200: 21,64 (+0,8)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-400: 48,16[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-800: 1.54,01[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-1500: 3.50,46 [/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-5000: 14.23,46[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-10000: 29.31,78[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-3000SC: 9.05,02[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-110h: 12,39 (+1,5)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-400h: 52,98[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-LJ: 7.32m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-TJ: 15.15m (+1,7)[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-HJ: 2.08m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-PV: 5.06m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-SP: 21.96m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-DT: 74.56m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-HT: 77.53m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]
    • W-JT: 72.28m[/*:m:3gwwh5tf]

    Some of the fastest/highest/furthest all-time marks have been achieved post championship. Granted, some athletes may not have participated in the given championships -- or had a sub-par championship, giving them an agenda -- something to prove -- for the post-championship series. What are these lists attempting to prove? Nothing. Rather, they illustrate what has previously been able to be achieved during the latter part of a championship season. At any rate, these lists (which exclude walks/dec/relays/marathon) don't speculate that the current crop of athletes will improve over their current season bests marks. However, there may yet be a great run/vault/jump/toss/throw left from someone if these lists of post-championship records are any indication of what is still fast/far/good/brilliant/par/under par/etc. Which is food for thought.

    Someone else can undertake the task of discovering the current world leaders' post-championships PB's.

    * Post-season defined as post-OG/post-WC

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    Re: Post-Championship Records

    Thanks for the lists!!
    In the remaining DL meets, there is a set list of events.
    Missing are HT's and 10K's!!

    However, there are many other meets of varying types, for which I do NOT know their event programs.
    There are 3 World Challenge meets, all in September.
    On the International Circuit, there are 3 meets left in August, and 5 more in September.
    Besides those, there are specialty meets.
    These include 2 throws meets, 1 HJ meet, and one multi's meet.

    Here's the records (from your list) I believe are most vulnerable (and who could get it):


    100 (Bolt or Blake)
    200 (Bolt or Blake)
    400 (James or Santos)
    800 (Rudisha)
    SC (Koech, Kemboi, other Kenyans)
    110H (Merritt, Richardson)
    HJ (Ukhov, Kynard)
    TJ (Taylor)
    SP (Cantwell, Hoffa, Storl, Majewski)


    200 (Felix)
    5K (Defar, T Dibaba, Cheruiyot, Kipyego)
    SC (Zaripova, Chemos)
    100H (Harper, Wells)
    400H (Antyukh, Demus)
    HT (Heidler, Lysenko, Wlodarcyzk)


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      Re: Post-Championship Records

      Very few WR's are in the offing. Post Olympics are often a let down.
      Best chances are:

      Yearly bests:



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        Re: Post-Championship Records

        I'm expecting some huge performances in the remaining international competitions.

        It really will depend on the weather/conditions, in large part.

        After the Olympics the athletes tend to relax a little, which can actually help them to post up big marks.

        There are a good number of high quality international meets left where there will be high quality fields, big crowds, fast tracks, good atmosphere, etc.

        If the weather holds good for Lausanne this Thursday, I say look for some great stuff in the 100, 200 and the 110 Hurdles, among others.

        The atmosphere in Zurich and Brussels is always fantastic. The athletes enjoy these competitions. Just a matter of decent weather and we'll see some big performances.

        There's still plenty to prove for a lot of athletes this summer.


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          Re: Post-Championship Records

          I can see Kirani James running a PB still.


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            Re: Post-Championship Records

            Originally posted by jeremyp
            Very few WR's are in the offing. Post Olympics are often a let down.
            Best chances are:
            I'd add an outside chance for the w400h.


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              Re: Post-Championship Records

              And the men's 110h


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                Re: Post-Championship Records

                Revised list (Bruxelles):
                • M-100: 9,69 (-0,1)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-200: 19,26 (+0,7)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-400: 43,82[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-800: 1.41,11[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-1500: 3.26,12[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-5000: 12.39,74[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-10000: 26.17,53[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-3000SC: 7.53,63[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-110h: 12,80 (+0,3)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-400h: 47,02[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-LJ: 8.66m (+1,0)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-TJ: 18.00m (+1,3)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-HJ: 2.39m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-PV: 6.13m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-SP: 22.16m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-DT: 71.26m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-HT: 85.60m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • M-JT: 95.66m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]

                • W-100: 10,64 (+1,2)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-200: 21,64 (+0,8)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-400: 48,16[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-800: 1.54,01[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-1500: 3.50,46 [/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-5000: 14.23,46[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-10000: 29.31,78[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-3000SC: 9.05,02[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-110h: 12,39 (+1,5)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-400h: 52,98[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-LJ: 7.32m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-TJ: 15.15m (+1,7)[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-HJ: 2.08m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-PV: 5.06m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-SP: 21.96m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-DT: 74.56m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-HT: 77.53m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]
                • W-JT: 72.28m[/*:m:12y7c7sc]