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Belém GP Results


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  • Belém GP Results

    (from the IAAF results service)

    IAAF Grand Prix

    20? Grande Premio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo
    BelÈm, 23-May-2004


    200M - MEN Wind: -1.0

    1 de Lima Vicente BRA 20.39
    2 Demeritte Dominic BAH 20.45
    3 Domingos AndrÈ BRA 20.57
    4 Williams Ricardo JAM 20.69
    5 Souza Cl·udio Roberto BRA 20.74
    6 Pacheco Bruno Nascimento BRA 20.97
    7 Viera Heber URU 21.02
    8 de Morais Basilio Emidio BRA 21.52

    400M - MEN

    1 Brew Derrick USA 45.09
    2 Clarke Davian JAM 45.11
    3 Brown Christopher BAH 45.18
    4 McDonald Michael JAM 45.48
    5 Byrd Leonard USA 45.76
    6 Oliveira dos Santos Anderson Jor BRA 45.78
    7 Laursen Jimisola SWE 46.00
    8 Parrela Sanderlei Claro BRA 46.34

    800M - MEN

    1 Yiampoy William KEN 1:45.09
    2 Rotich Henry KEN 1:45.76
    3 dos Santos Osmar Barbosa BRA 1:45.89
    4 PeÁanha Fabiano BRA 1:46.14
    5 Tighazouine Khalid MAR 1:46.50
    6 Wachira Nicholas KEN 1:48.31
    7 Dos Santos Lima De M Luciano BRA 1:48.59
    8 da Silva Valdinei Abilio BRA 1:48.90
    9 Soares Reis Noel BRA 1:49.01

    1500M - MEN

    1 Chirchir William KEN 3:37.55
    2 Mwera Samwel TAN 3:37.68
    3 Kibet Charles KEN 3:38.47
    4 Piedra Byron ECU 3:39.31
    5 Ficagna Celso BRA 3:48.41
    6 Fernandes Fernando Alex BRA 3:49.95
    7 De Oliveira Silva Sebastiao BRA 3:52.32
    8 Jocemar Ilario Soares BRA 3:52.41
    9 Batista Julio Cezar BRA 3:53.82
    10 Garcia de Oliveira Roberto CHI 3:53.86
    11 Rudimar Moura da Rosa BRA 3:57.44
    12 Maycon Cleber TomÈ BRA 3:58.59
    de Souza Hudson Santos BRA DNF
    PeÁanha Fabiano BRA DNF

    110M HURDLES - MEN Wind: -0.9

    1 dos Santos RedelÈn Melo BRA 13.33
    2 Wignall Maurice JAM 13.51
    3 InocÍncio Mateus Facho BRA 13.61
    4 de Souza M·rcio Sim„o BRA 13.64
    5 de Souza Walmes BRA 13.70
    6 Villar Paulo COL 13.70
    7 da Silva Anselmo BRA 13.71
    8 Pereira Rodrigo BRA 14.16


    1 PÈrez Lisvany CUB 2.28
    2 Ciotti Nicola ITA 2.25
    3 Strand Staffan SWE 2.20
    4 Harris Tora USA 2.15
    5 Janku Tom·ö CZE 2.15
    5 Woods Terrance USA 2.15
    7 Romero FabrÌcio BRA 2.15
    8 de Lima JessÈ BRA 2.10
    Mayo Gilmar COL NM

    1 GregÛrio Jadel BRA 17.25 +0.3
    2 Dias Jefferson BRA 16.56 +0.5
    3 da Costa Marcelo BRA 16.38 +0.5
    4 Anderson LeVar USA 16.35 +0.2
    5 da Costa AntÙnio BRA 15.96 +0.6
    6 Sousa Silva Anisio BRA 15.52 -0.5
    Glavatskiy Aleksandr BLR NM


    1 Esenwein Peter GER 82.07
    2 Greer Breaux USA 81.21
    3 da Silva Luiz Fernando BRA 75.98
    4 Maximiano Alexon BRA 73.71
    5 de Oliveira J?lio CÈsar BRA 72.64
    6 Fuenmayor Manuel VEN 70.01
    7 Vaz Viana Emerson BRA 62.97
    8 Soares Martins Joao Carlos BRA 60.42

    4X100M RELAY - MEN

    1 Brazil BRA 38.92
    2 Brazil "B" BRA 39.15
    3 Venezuela VEN 40.26
    4 Colombia COL 40.44
    5 Ecuador ECU 41.37
    6 Chile CHI 41.47
    7 Para BRA 42.84
    8 Argentina ARG 45.16


    200M - WOMEN Wind: -0.8

    1 Mothersill Cydonie CAY 23.09
    2 McDonald Beverly JAM 23.11
    3 de Moura Lucimar Aparecida BRA 23.36
    4 Anim Vida GHA 23.41
    5 Coelho Neto Rosemar MarÌa BRA 23.64
    6 de Jes?s Katia Regina BRA 23.80
    7 Pillay Geraldine RSA 23.88
    8 da Costa Raquel Martins BRA 24.20

    400M - WOMEN

    1 Hennagan Monique USA 51.10
    2 Pompey Aliann GUY 51.11
    3 Wittstock Estie RSA 51.48
    4 Coutinho Geisa Aparecida BRA 51.99
    5 Seyerling Heide RSA 52.53
    6 Richards Sandie JAM 52.74
    7 Almir„o Maria Laura BRA 52.90
    8 Murphy Catherine GBR 53.27

    800M - WOMEN

    1 Ballentine Michelle JAM 2:00.28
    2 Mendes Luciana de Paula BRA 2:00.83
    3 Vriesde Letitia SUR 2:01.58
    4 Paulino Tina MOZ 2:02.13
    5 GarcÌa Rosibel COL 2:02.84
    6 Tito Josiane BRA 2:04.38
    7 dos Santos Christiane Ritz BRA 2:05.48
    8 Brito Coimbra Ana Claudia BRA 2:11.14
    9 Gomes De Lima Erisvania BRA 2:13.80

    100M HURDLES - WOMEN Wind: +1.4

    1 Golding-Clarke Lacena JAM 12.69
    2 Machado MaÌla Paula BRA 12.90
    3 Dixon Vonette JAM 12.91
    4 Whyte Angela CAN 12.93
    5 Merriman Donica USA 13.17
    6 Faustin Nadine HAI 13.52
    7 Santos Oliveira Gilvaneide BRA 13.57
    8 Rocha Silva Isabel BRA 13.69


    1 Glover Sandra USA 54.91
    2 Blackett Andrea BAR 55.41
    3 Febbraio Surita RSA 55.44
    4 Sallins Melinda USA 56.70
    5 FranÁa Luciana BRA 57.17
    6 Teodoro Lucimar BRA 57.37
    7 Rocha Silva Isabel BRA 57.51


    1 Ostapchuk Nadezhda BLR 18.90
    2 Borel Cleopatra TRI 18.78
    3 Cumb· Yumileidi CUB 18.70
    4 Zabawska Krystyna POL 18.25
    5 Tunks Lieja NED 18.17
    6 Gonz·lez Misleydis CUB 18.01
    7 Adriano Elis‚ngela BRA 17.75
    8 Berndt Marianne CHI 14.83


    1 Hill Aretha USA 63.43
    2 Antonova Olena UKR 61.89
    3 Wisniewska Joanna POL 59.44
    4 Ferrales Yania CUB 59.17
    5 Adriano Elis‚ngela BRA 57.51
    6 Barrios Yarelis CUB 57.27
    7 Etholm-Snyder Grete NOR 55.78
    8 Wysocka Marzena POL 55.23

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    Re: Belém GP Results

    Good show, Monique, Sandra, and Aretha.


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      Re: Belém GP Results

      As it is with the "Perdita vs. Butkus" and the Mexico thread constantly referring to "Allyson" why is it that so many peoplein the sport seem compelled to use first names for women and last names for men? I can understand "Marion," but Monique, Sandra and Aretha? Are you on a first-name basis with them?

      I think it shows a lack of respect, but it's a subject I'm sensitized to. At a nationals a few years back I was working the infield and the women's discus went off and the officials would call "Suzy up, Aretha on deck, Kris in the hole." The men's discus followed directly,with the same officials: "Mr. Godina up, Mr. Bloom on deck, Mr. Washington in the hole."


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        Re: Belém GP Results

        I have never called a lady by her last name. However, I always called out college teammates by their last name or some nick name. I can not see a fan asking Marion, "Hey, Jones, how did the race go?"

        I think it is proper to use a first and last name when speaking to - or about - a woman.


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          Re: Belém GP Results

          Hmmm, interesting point, but it's Jennifer, not Aniston, it's Sammy, not Sosa, it's Neon Deion, not Sanders. I think once you're in the public eye as an 'entertainer' (which, of course, sports is), the first name basis is pretty normal. The Mr. or Ms. appellation seems too formal as well. But you're right, it should not be gender-biased.


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            Re: Belém GP Results

            >I think once you're in the public eye as an 'entertainer' (which, of course, sports is), the [first] name basis is pretty normal.

            I agree with a one-name basis:

            -El G

            Women who have been around a good while, like Gail Devers, for example, can be referred to as simply "Devers".


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              Re: Belém GP Results

              >I think it shows a lack of respect,

              Or exactly the opposite. Think Michael, Lance, Tiger, Wayne and I know I am missing a bunch-soccer players for sure. But it's neither in my case actually or maybe leaning a bit to the respectful opposite and I would prove it if we could search by poster. I would never, for example, call Mondor Emilie on this board. Who refers to Jennings as anything but Gabe? I think you may have a point gh but it doesn't apply to every post.


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                Re: Belém GP Results

                I suppose in an effort to write AP-style, we can begin with the subject:s first and last name, then refer to the subject by his or her last name with each post relating to the subject. Therein have we no problem with gender bias or preferential treatment toward one group.

                GH, you know that Carolia Klüft goes by the nickname "Carro" here in Sweden? And Mustafa Muhammed, "Musse"? The entire country talks about "Carro:s" olympic chances. Moreover, when Kajsa (Bergqvist) jumped 2,06 last year, a couple of our papers had headlines stating: "Kajsa:s big jump!".


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                  Re: Belém GP Results

                  >I think it shows a lack of respect,

                  >Or exactly the opposite.

         ... 072300.asp


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                    Re: Belém GP Results

                    You're all missing my point. I cited "Marion" as a perfectly acceptable usage. And I agree on Tiger and Lance and Michael and all the other superstars.

                    I pointed out that Perdita vs. Butkus got unequal treatment, that Ms. Felix is hardly "Allyson" to the world and that congratulating "Monique, Sandra and Aretha (unless it's Franklin)" aren't household names. Belém didn't have exactly same events, but I doubt anybody's going to say congrats to "Derrick, William and Peter." (not to pick on tafnut; he's just a convenient current example of something we hear all the time--actually, think Carol Lewis is one of the worst offenders: it's not just men who do it)


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                      Re: Belém GP Results

                      GH: remember what world we are living in! No one else seems to know we exist (according to some of the Joneses here)! Referring to Allyson (Felix) on a first-name basis in a thread - is not the same as if one were discussing her in person...I am sure many would refer to her as either Allyson Felix or Felix. I see and agree with your point, however.


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                        Re: Belém GP Results

                        >I pointed out that Perdita vs. Butkus got unequal treatment,

                        My excuse is pretty boring. I can't remember how to spell Fel.... without looking it up.


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                          Re: Belém GP Results

                          >You're all missing my point. I cited "Marion" as a perfectly acceptable
                          >usage. And I agree on Tiger and Lance and Michael and all the other

                          I understand your point completely and I don't think it applies to me. We are on the board for the bible of the sport and here is exhibit A on the matter:

                 ... .jsp?id=55



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                            Re: Belém GP Results

                            see also

                   ... jsp?id=181

                            equal treatment


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                              Re: Belém GP Results

                              First-name basis, it is!

                              Both of you link to athlete journals where the links are as such at the bottom of the pages:

                              >>Breaux's Journal Main Page
                              >>Perditia's Journal Main Page

                              By providing me with their first names, and referring to them as such, I take it that the journals are personal, and you want me to have a personal look at the person. By us referring to them on a first-name basis on a message board, I think we are just stating what our personal opinions are.