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Who Has the Most No Life?


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  • Who Has the Most No Life?

    As I sit here finishing up all the grading that the end of the school year entails, posting becomes my favorite procrastination tool. Grade a couple papers - cruise a couple sites, make some inane comment here and there - grade more papers, then it dawned on me that the hjsteves, MJD's, etc. and I must really look like pathetic computer nerds. gh is just as bad as us, but it's his site and he has a semi-professional excuse.

    So . . . if I am to be characterized as such, I'd love to know from bh who really is the saddest sack who posts the most, or visits the site the most - that must be stats his web program keeps.

    I'm gonna go see Fleetwood Mac in concert tonight, so I need to know how far I'm going to fall behind.

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    Re: Who Has the Most No Life?

    Oh yeah-Ben knows but he ain't telling. We analyze these kind of stats where I work all the time. We have 19 partners and 46 employees in the location that I work out of and I use about 40% of the resources the last time we looked. Luckily, I'm the tech partner.