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And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...


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  • And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...

    A male boxer - Olympic super-heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua - and rowing gold medallist Helen Glover. That is according to the much-loved UK TV favourite Superstars.

    The show, popular in the 1970's, returned for a special post-Olympic one-off over Christmas. We saw athletes from different sports compete agaisnt each other in a number of events.
    The athletes had to compete in 6 of the 8 events, not being allowed to compete in the event nearest to their speciality + one other, with two events being compulsory - the 100m and gym tests. The events were:

    50m Swim
    Bike race (1k up a hill)
    Gym tests - dips and squats - as many as possible in 1 min each.

    Athletics was represented by Mo Farah, Robbie Grabarz and Christine Ohuruogu. Mo and Christine were excluded from the 800m and swimming while Grabarz was excluded from the archery and Kayak :?

    Unfortunately the show lacked any competitiveness and actually came up short of sporting prowess to in some cases but it was overall quite fun.

    6'6" Anthony Joshua won the 100m in a decent 11.53 in the pouring rain, just ahead of Grabarz in 11.7 (not bad for a high jumper) while Mo was around 12 secs. Ohuruogu jogged the 100m, it was actually quite embarrassing for her, winning easily in 13.10.

    Joshua followed with further victories in the cycling and JT, second places in both the swimming and gym tests and a third in the 800m. Scottish swimmer Michael Jamieson beat Joshua in the gym tests but rower Helen Glover beat them all in the squat thrusts with 84! She proved to be superb, winning the 800m in just outside 2:20 :shock: (and that was with jogging the first 550m and taking off halfway down the back straight) she also won the cycling and swam the 50m freestyle faster than the men in a reasonable 32secs.

    As for our athletes, both Mo and Christine were awful in the kayaking, mid table in the JT but good at archery. Grabarz was decent all-round, winning the swimming, 2nd in the 100m, 4th in the 800m but again awful in the JT.

    It was naff TV, but quite fun to watch.

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    Re: And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...

    Interesting to see the Brownlee (triathlon) brothers and how bad they were at the dips in the gym test. I think one of them managed about six ops:

    Farah managed 18 I think - again I would have thought he would manage more than that.

    Would have loved to see Ohorougu made to do the 800m. Not that she would've tried very hard, obviously.


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      Re: And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...

      She didn't try every hard in anything did she :roll:
      i deserve extra credit


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        Re: And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...

        Yes, it was very annoying! Especially the archery where she just wasnt concentrating on her last go and she went wide, costing her second place. In the bike ride too it didn't look like she was trying. She seemed to give a bit more in the gym tests where she came second, but still looked like she could have won that.

        Helen Glover was great though. She did look like she was trying more and I reckon she could have been a decent heptathlete had she stuck with athletics (was surprised to ehar she ran internally as a junior in cross country!)


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          Re: And the UK's best all-round sportsperson is...

          I just wonder what her training is like ... I mean, does she give up after a couple of reps, decide to stop 50m short of the line each time, or something like that?? :shock: