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Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag


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  • Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

    Well, what's this world coming to??
    Michelle Jenneke, Australia's high back!!

    No, she hasn't run a time to seriously challenge Sally Pearson....or even the 13.00 time barrier!!

    But she HAS become one of only 4 athletes....and the ONLY track make Sports Illustrated's famed Swimsuit edition!!

    The story....with the video (of her in a...swimsuit....dancing) is on the front page!!

    Now let's hope she runs 12.99 or faster....soon!!

    EDIT: OOPS!! Meant to place this in "Things not T&F"!! Sorry.
    Maybe someone will move it.....without REmoving it!! :P

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    Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

    well, we know that there are athletes who gain media attention out of proportion to their athletic exploits. Beyond that...

    She was 5th in WJC last year, and in the top 8 junior performers. That's good. On the other hand, she turns 20 this year, so now running with the grownups, and her 13.39 made her about the #190-something performer last year; a 12.99 would get her in the top 70.

    She might take a big step forward, however -- it does happen occasionally among hurdlers, and she may have competitive opportunity, as she was #2 on the AUS lists last year. In another national setting (e.g., USA), she would be way down on the lists.

    Will be interested to see how/if she progresses this year. She does not have the "luxury" (so to speak) of relative obscurity in which to step up to, or nearer to, world class at the senior level.


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      Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

      Considering the contempt that some folks feel for Lolo Jones, I can only imagine the hatin' that's going to be directed at Jenneke. After all, Lolo had to become the world indoor champion, the U.S. Olympic Trials champion and the #1 ranked hurdler in the world before she started getting this kind of love from the media and the sponsors.


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        Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

        Since she's bringing the attention on herself, I just need to add, she's adorable. And now my girl hurdlers do that in the blocks too! :wink:


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          Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

          Just curious how fast was Sally Pearson at age 19-20?


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            Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

            Sally Pearson (born 19 Sep 1986)
            2012 12.35 -0.2 London (OS) 07 AUG
            2011 12.28 +1.1 Daegu 03 SEP
            2010 12.57 +0.2 Stockholm 06 AUG
            2009 12.50 +0.7 Monaco 28 JUL
            2008 12.53 +0.1 Monaco 29 JUL
            2007 12.71 0.0 Osaka 05 MAY
            2006 12.95 -0.6 Athína (Olympic Stadium) 17 SEP
            2005 13.01 +0.4 Brisbane 26 NOV
            2004 13.30 +1.0 Grosseto 15 JUL
            2003 14.01 -1.7 Sydney 22 MAR


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              Re: Jenneke dances SI Swimsuit mag

              Thanks mcgato! Looks like Pearson was about ~.4 seconds faster than Jenneke at the same age.

              On a side note whenever I see your screen name mcgato I think of this! :lol: