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New Balance HS Indoor Nationals


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  • New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

    The entry lists are up.
    I can see at least 3 girl's HSR's broken:

    60H.....Hall or Wallace could get it....and even approach the 8.00 barrier!!
    5000....Erin Finn has SAID she wants to get her own HSR!! With her recent 10:08, she's definitely a her record AND to the 16:00 barrier!!
    4X1 mileR....the Grosse Point gals said they want to get this record. But the team is listed as the Grosse Point "CLUB"!! Do they have any NON-HS runners?? Why call it a "club"??

    I'll have some comments on the boy's side a bit later.

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    Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

    On the girl's side, add Kendell Williams as a threat to the HSR in the Pentathlon!!
    Can she reach 4000 points??

    On the boy's side:

    I note that Edward Cheserek is entered in THREE races...the mile, 2 mile, and the 5K.
    Will he really run all 3?
    If he does, I can't see any records going.
    But if he eliminates one of those races, he COULD get ANY of the other's he runs!!
    Including the mile record of Alan Webb!!

    Others to watch are Michael Cherry in the 400.
    With his recent 33.05 HSR in the 300, he has the wheels to cut the HSR of 45.92 down a bit!!

    The 2-17 foot PV'ers are in the mix.
    Hopefully they'll go at least 17-6!!

    Rudy Winkler won't get the WT record, but he could go well over 80 feet!!


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      Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

      Have to imagine that Ben Malone is going to try to go for the high school indoor 800 record.


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        Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

        The top 3-5 girls could get into the top 10 all-time at the Mile RW. Staying legal is the only question. No chance any of them break the record there.

        In the boys race, it should be a duel between the Peters brothers, with everyone else far back. they could challenge 6:30 if having a good day.


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          Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

          is there a video link to the meet


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            Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

            A guy that I work with has a daughter running in the meet, and he said that it will be streamed live. I can't find the details though. I would guess that it will be through the website. They have a youtube channel that might be streaming it. If I get more details, I'll put it up.


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              Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

              Originally posted by az2004
              is there a video link to the meet
              If someone hasn't bought it out, I assume Armory track will have it.


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                Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                Sad to find out Erin Finn MIGHT have to scratch from the 5K!!
                She's fighting a virus!!

                She says....on her blog....she HOPES to be there, but takes her races one at a time...and looks forward to a record-breaking outdoor season!!

                BTW, if you haven't read her blogs....Erin is a VERY good writer....and quite funny!!
                (Check out the graph of how she's spending her sick time!! HILARIOUS!!!)


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                  Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                  Live stream
         ... 5760507755


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                    Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                    Originally posted by DCSIGMA
                    According to the schedule they appear to be about 2 hours behind.


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                      Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                      Benjamin Cardozo runs 4th fastest EVER girl's DMR...with 11:39.10.....anchored by Sabrina Sotherland in 4:44.9!!


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                        Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                        16:18.02 HSR 5000 for Erin Finn!!

                        She was on a crazy ass pace through 3000.....running 3:09, then 3:11, then 3:13, for 9:33 at 3K!!

                        Then she hit 12:49 at 4K after a 3:16....
                        finally dragging herself across the line after a last K in 3:29!!

                        Too fast at the start?/
                        How about she'd been fighting a virus all week prior to the race....
                        and wasn't even sure she'd run AT ALL tonight!!

                        STOP THE PRESSES!!

                        It's now been revealed that Wesley Frazier BEAT Finn at the 0.01.

                        Wesley Frazier is the new HSR holder at 16:18.01
                        Erin Finn......a SICK Erin Finn.....runs 16:18.02.

                        Oh Oh Oh OH MY GOD!!!


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                          Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                          I still can't get over that girl's 5K finish!
                          A fading Erin Finn was overtaken right at the tape by Wesley Frazier in one of the more shocking, and one of the closest finishes in a distance race (or ANY race!! Tarmoh/Felix, anyone???) I've ever seen, or heard of.

                          I feel so very bad for Finn, who pushed her whole sick (sinus infection) body to the MAX.....shooting through 3K in 9:33...a 15:55 pace....and running steady 76-78 second 400's.

                          Then she started running some 40-41 and slower 200's, reaching 4000 in 12:49.
                          Not a bad fade....only from 3:13 3rd kilo to a 3:16 in the 4th.
                          But you could tell she was struggling.
                          At one point, she tripped, and very briefly stepped over the curb to the infield, but it was an accident, not on purpose.

                          The announcer kept on yelling Finn's name, and urging the crowd to carry her to a new HSR.
                          To the announcer....and to wasn't THAT she would break the record, but by how MUCH!!

                          Then, she hit the tape, apparently having won in a new HSR of 16:18.02.
                          While everyone was applauding her courageous run, the race results were posted.....
                          with Finn SECOND....and Wesley Frazier in FIRST.....with a time just 0.01 faster than Finn!!


                          Frazier will be back tomorrow, entered in a couple of races.
                          I don't see Finn's name anywhere, so maybe she's dropped out of the meet.

                          Sabrina Sotherland, who ran a 4:44.9 anchor 1600 in her team's 11:39.10 DMR, will return, according to the entry 2 races tomorrow.....the mile and the 800.

                          They're about 3 hours apart!!

                          Also tomorrow, Dior Hall and Sasha Wallace will run the 60H, Precious Holmes will be in the 400, Taylor and Rhodes, the two 13-10 PV'ers, will vault, the Grosse Point MI team will try to break the 4X1 mile relay record.
                          Their coach says the girl's PR's add to a 19:26....33 secs faster than the record!!
                          They could each slow 8 secs...and still break it!!

                          Finally, the Bronxville girls.....minus Mary Cain, of course.... will run the 4X800 relay!!


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                            Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                            I just watched the video of the girls' 5000m. After the finish the officials were looking at each other as if to say "What just happened?" For a while there I think Wesley Frazier was the only one in the building who knew.


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                              Re: New Balance HS Indoor Nationals

                              Kadecia Baird just ran 2nd leg of 23.1 on her team's 4X200R!!
                              (Team time of 1:38.95.)