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USA w4x400 'lock' debate: Why so dominant?


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    Re: USA w4x400 'lock' debate: Why so dominant?

    Originally posted by jazzcyclist
    Originally posted by EPelle
    As everyone knows, Felix had Krivoshapka on her leg last year in London. Felix, with a 'suspect' hand-off runs 48,2 (maybe 47,9 to 48,0 if 'perfect'); the fastest woman on the planet over 400m last season, Krivoshapka, didn't cause Felix to panic or lose focus on the race or her run. As a matter of fact, she never caught her. For such reasons as this, I do not doubt for a minute that Felix wouldn't have panicked in Beijing.
    You're conveniently overlooking the fact that Allyson ran a staggered leg which means that she had no idea where the other teams were when she got the baton, and when she broke off the turn, she had a commanding lead. Why would she have any reason to panic over another runner that she never saw during the entire race? There are no tactical decisions to be made on the second leg when you're the first one to the break.
    I've not overlooked that fact. She had a 10m lead given to her by Trotter. Ever seen Felix race herself out of contention on any leg? Run so hard as to tie up and place her teammates' own chances of gold in jeopardy? I haven't. I don't suspect that she's done so on any international team. The leg she ran, notwithstanding, she still had Krivoshapka giving chase. That fact can create a sense of unease within any competitor. Yet after taking the baton, Felix created an additional 10m lead over the Russians. You don't find panic visible in Felix's run.

    And you don't find that in Beijing. Or in Daegu. Or in any other championship where Felix had been called to 4x4 duty. Yet Richards-Ross had this to say about her own London leg: "It is a bit challenging to run at the front because you don't want to run too fast and mess it up."

    Felix didn't run too fast despite having this 'commanding' 10m lead over the field. Ran within herself. Ran a blazing split. Maintained form and composure. Increased her lead. Brought the baton home to McCorory with an even greater command (20m lead) over the race than she'd been provided.

    Again, Felix is the consummate professional. She's got this relay stuff in the bag. Whatever leg she's on, it's guts then gold then glory. But I needn't convince you of that. She's letting her own two feet and that huge muscle between her ears do it all.

    And, that is all.


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      Re: USA w4x400 'lock' debate: Why so dominant?

      The brain isn't a muscle ...


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        Re: USA w4x400 'lock' debate: Why so dominant?

        Literally and anatomically, no. As a figure of speech, yes.