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Initials MJ? Considering a Name Change?


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  • Initials MJ? Considering a Name Change?

    MJ: The fallen "hero"?

    Those who seemingly end on the top in the sports and entertainment world, sometimes fall harder on the way down than fighting to rise up.

    This is sadly, but truly, even respective of the famous "MJ" club.

    -Michael Jackson has been - and currently is - in deep waters.
    -Michael Jordan had an affair, and someone tried blackmailing him.
    -Magic Johnson had an affair. And has HIV.
    -Michael Johnson wound his braids too tightly in 2000, talked a lot of ($hit) about his competitors and didn:t make the OT 200m final.
    -Mick Jagger had an unrefined, rebellious, coarse manner which included the pervasive use of drugs, drink, freewheeling sex, satanism and scorn towards those who disagreed.
    -Marion Jones is in a scandal. Again.

    These people are only human. These stars are prone to mistakes behind closed doors and beyond the eye of the camera. We live vicariously through their good work, and understandably distant and out of reach of their poor marks, scores, reviews, etc.

    Do you belong to the MJ club? If so, be strong and break the mold. Don:t let the public gods bite.

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    Re: Initials MJ? Considering a Name Change?

    <i heard mj in balco sheets stand for michael johnson>

    <seeing johnson over 2 years ago looking a new kind of fit,thought nothing of it,seeing giambi,&others,then thinking back thats the new fit i saw in johnson>

    <this febuary in newyork hotel i heard they are after bigger fish,michael johnson was mentioned,
    now after seeing all over news mj in balco,/jones&montgomery are dirty,but mj in the balco files//its all really sad.//

    <our young people need to see write-ups about are clean athletes,,>


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      Re: Initials MJ? Considering a Name Change?

      <i suggest gary hill you guys ask/with others lets have all the names&put this behind our sport before trials>

      <the usada,lay out all the names/it seems like t&f is being hung out for this scandle>

      <enough is enough>

      <also,do these athletes know the drugs are rotting out there organs fast.lyle alzado//mike webster//scores of east block nations athletes who have vannished//.>


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        Re: Initials MJ? Considering a Name Change?


        Hey people, if you are indeed two people, are those symbols supposed to be some sort of code? Hard enough to read without punctuation and capital letters but that makes it even more difficult.