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WC Meet records


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    Re: WC Meet records

    Right up my alley!!

    I made 3 lists....of Yes......Possible......and No.
    The possible include MOST of the distance races, the big question being if they're strategic or not.

    YES: 800, DT, and Dec.
    Possible: 5000, Mar, SC, 110H, HJ, PV, SP, and 4X100R.
    NO: 100, 200, 400, 1500, 10000, 400H, LJ, TJ, HT, JT, 4X400R.

    YES: 100H, HT, 4X100R, 4X400R.
    Possible: 100, 200, 1500, 5000, 10000, Mar, SC, HJ, PV, SP.
    NO: 400, 800, 3000 (Unless Dibaba/Defar break it enroute during the 5K!! :P ), 400H, LJ, TJ, DT, JT, Hept.


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      Re: WC Meet records

      Men's: HJ, 110m Hurdles, 4x100
      Women's: Hammer Throw, 100m Hurdles, 4x100


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        Re: WC Meet records

        Originally posted by zidan
        Apart from the men's high jump, no one this season has shown to be remotely close to any world records, Male or female; therefore, any talk of world record then outside the aforementioned men's High jump is a classic case of Mid-Summer Hallucination. :lol:
        12.26 is probably closer than 2.40-2.41 jumps.


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          Re: WC Meet records

          Originally posted by gh
          It was 89 (32C) in Moscow yesterday. That's not exactly Northwest-dude optimal conditions.
          Huh? Accuweather in the Sacramento Bee said it was under 70 and raining, with continued sub-70 for the next couple of days. It's been cool and rainy lately.

          Weather underground for Moscow:

          Don't know where you got your info, gh.
          Alan Shank
          Woodland, CA, USA


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            Re: WC Meet records

            By the way, if you use older, traditional 'norms' for Moscow you will get cooler weather than if you use more recent history. The July/August highs and lows are more than one degree C, almost 2.5 degrees F above the norms taking the last 12 years. However, since even the warmer temps have lows in the mid-50s, typical weather should not be humid by eastern US standards (and especially south/southeast standards).

            This is in general agreement with what we see in the Upper Midwest, where it is already several degrees warmer than the 'norms', although most of this is the result of warmer overnight temperatures during the heating season (but summers have been systematically warmer with one notable exception several years ago.