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  • Khannounci To Run Chicago

    Chicago Marathon press release:

    Khalid Khannouchi comes Home
    The world's fastest marathoner to run Chicago again in 2003

    Chicago (May 27, 2003) To say that Khalid Khannouchi has dominated the
    streets of Chicago is an understatement. With four first-place feats,
    including a record setting performance, Khannouchi's dominance is one of
    the great sports stories in Chicago.

    Khalid Khannouchi, 31, the fastest marathon runner in history, will return
    to his home away from home to showcase his dominance in marathoning on the
    streets of Chicago. Khannouchi, who is in town this week meeting with
    Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski, has committed to run his sixth
    LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

    "Khalid Khannouchi is undoubtedly the greatest marathon runner of all
    time," remarked Pinkowski. "His epic performances and dramatic finishes in
    Chicago are some of, if not the best, moments in the history of

    Khannouchi finished first in dramatic fashion last year. From the minute
    the race began, Khannouchi went head to head with some of the greatest
    distance runners of all time, including Paul Tergat, defending champion Ben
    Kimondiu, and two-time London Marathon champion Abdelkhader El Mouaziz.

    But it was Toshinari Takaoka who would provide Khannouchi with his biggest
    challenge as the Japanese 10,000m champion broke out from the pack at mile
    19 to take a 21 second lead at mile 23. But Khannouchi launched a
    tremendous kick at mile 24 as he was set to accelerate past Takaoka.

    And it seemed as though history was repeating itself. The scene to come
    was all too familiar.

    Khannouchi and Takaoka were running side by side, shoulder to shoulder when
    Khannouchi broke away from Takaoka like a roadrunner in the middle of the
    McCormick Place Tunnel. He then gracefully fell to the ground in a pool of
    emotions as he crossed the finish line in 2:05:56. Tears slowly rolled
    down his eyes and his voice trembled as he realized what he had just
    accomplished?four first place finishes in Chicago and the only marathoner
    to have three sub 2:06 performances.

    "Khalid's standard of success and his repeated dominance are beyond
    impressive," added Pinkowski. "I anticipate another strong performance
    from him as he challenges his own world record in the 2003 LaSalle Bank
    Chicago Marathon."

    It was three years earlier in 1999 that Khalid broke away from Moses Tanui
    in that same tunnel, making up a 40-second deficit to set the then world
    record. It is these storybook performances that have made Khalid
    Khannouchi's name synonymous with The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, which
    has arguably become one of the best marathons in the world. The Chicago
    race has seen 37,500 registrants two years in a row and a field of some of
    the greatest male and female marathoners in the world including once World
    Record performances by Paula Radcliffe and Catherine Ndereba.

    "Over the past six years, Chicago has been a super place for many athletes
    who search for fast times," stated Khannouchi when asked about his thoughts
    on returning to Chicago. Khannouchi feels at home in Chicago and thrives
    on the overwhelming support received from the hundreds of thousands who
    line the course and cheer him on. "I feel like I am running in my own
    backyard every time I race in Chicago, especially with the strong support I
    receive from the people of Chicago. I'm very glad to be back once more and
    to have the pleasure to hear my name once again all around the fast course
    of the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon."

    With Khannouchi leading the field of elite athletes thus far, the 2003
    Chicago race is shaping up to have another impressive field. Top athletes
    seem to always perform extremely well in Chicago because of the flat, fast
    course and the depth of the elite field that creates unparalleled
    competition. Chicago has built a solid reputation and has become the top
    marathon in the U.S.

    Khannouchi currently holds the World Record and the American Record. His
    unmatched marathon success started with his 1997 debut victory in Chicago
    in 2:07:10?the fastest marathon debut ever. In 1998 Khannouchi placed
    second in Chicago but came back to set a then World Record of 2:05:42 at
    The 1999 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. After becoming an American citizen
    in May of 2000, Khannouchi set a then American marathon record of 2:07:01
    with his third Chicago victory in the fall of 2000.

    Khannouchi, who withdrew from the London Marathon this year, overcame one
    of the strongest fields ever assembled to lower his own World Record in a
    victory at the 2002 London Marathon with a time of 2:05:38. The dramatic
    race included Khannouchi once again accelerating past two of the greatest
    distance runners ever ? Paul Tergat and Haile Gebresalassie ? in the final
    two miles of the race.

    Khannouchi will head to Albuquerque, New Mexico to begin intense training
    in preparation for the 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. "What also
    makes Khannouchi the athlete he is, is his dedication to training,
    preparation, and overall health and fitness," added Pinkowski. "His
    preparation, competitive spirit, and drive for greatness are what make him
    one the greatest athletes in the world. I can't wait to see him perform
    here once again in Chicago."

    Elite athletes will compete this fall for the highest marathon purse ever,
    $550,000. The male and female winners each will earn $100,000, the largest
    first place payout in the sport. The 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
    begins Sunday, October 12 at 8 a.m., starting and finishing in Chicago's
    Grant Park and is expected to draw up to the increased registration cap of
    40,000 participants.

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    Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

    Arrrrgh!!! yes, I really can spell Khannouchi properly. Where's my webmeister when I need him to save me from myself?! Blush.


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      Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

      This sometimes happens to public address annouchers.


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        Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

        Who do I have to pay off to get the Chicago Marathon back on nationwide television?
        "Run fast and keep turning left."


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          Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

          who are some of the other elite runners who will challenge him? and what top female runners will be in the race? also will khannounci run a 10k in oslo, or brussels to see if he can bring the american record under 27 minutes?


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            Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

            is Mr. Khannouchi planning on running the marathon at the wc in paris?


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              Re: Khannounci To Run Chicago

              > also will khannounci run a 10k in
              >oslo, or brussels to see if he can bring the
              >american record under 27 minutes?

              I agree. The marathon is great but I want to see what he can do at the shorter distaces on the track. You would think that the AR at 10k would be well within his reach and maybe even the 5k.


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                Re: Khannouchi was Khannounci To Run Chicago

                >Where's my webmeister when I need him
                >to save me from myself
                Fast board as promised but as mentioned to Ben and gh and somewhere else on here, you really need an edit function to get it even closer to perfection.


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                  Re: Khannouchi was Khannounci To Run Chicago

                  I met Khannouchi three weeks ago at the Runner's World half marathon. He came across as an outgoing, humble person. He wouldn't say where he was going to run this fall -- he was probably still in appearance-fee negotiations.

                  He did commit verbally to running New York at some undetermined time in the future.


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                    Re: Khannouchi was Khannounci To Run Chicago

                    Speaking of Khannouchi, isn't it time we started considering the idea of giving athletes an Olympic spot if they meet certain criteria - especially in the marathon, where a single race can really take it out of an athlete. How about the following:

                    If a marathoner has met the A standard and is at least 3 minutes (men) or 5 minutes (women) faster than the #4 American, he/she gets an automatic birth in the Olympics. Thus if KK runs 2:08:30 in Chicago and by the men's trials 4 men have not run 2:11:30 or better - KK gets an Olympic spot and the trials determine the other 2 spots. If Culpepper run 2:09:00 in the same race and 4 have not broken 2:12:00 then he is in and the trials are for only one spot. Same logic with the women.

                    KK and Drossin should be in if they are fit and healthy - period. Until a system allows marathoners to show up at the Olympics in top shape the USA will suffer.

                    Would love to see KK run a track 10K, but he doesn't seem too interested - anyone know why? What HAS he run on the track in the past.