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Alan Webb 7th in Virginia 8K


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  • Alan Webb 7th in Virginia 8K

    Finished 7th in Richmond in the HCA Virginia 8K:

    1 EMMANUEL BOR 23020 M 19 00:22:41
    2 BERNARD MWANGI 23013 M 22 00:22:58
    3 GEORGE-BYRON ALEX 23030 M 23 00:23:03
    4 CAMERON BEAN 23008 M 26 00:23:03
    5 SANDY ROBERTS 23002 M 26 00:23:08
    6 BOBBY APRILL 23004 M 22 00:23:08
    7 ALAN WEBB 23001 M 30 00:23:10
    8 COLE ATKINS 23010 M 27 00:23:17
    9 JOHN BOLAS 23031 M 26 00:23:36
    10 JEFF SEE 23003 M 27 00:23:36

    Had a couple of other national-class miler-types not far behind him. Will we ever see him on the world stage again? (That's a rhetorical question. I tend to doubt it, but time will tell.)

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    Re: Alan Webb 7th in Virginia 8K

    I wish Alan Webb well, and would like nothing more than to see him have some national or international success, however that might be defined. However, I agree w what is posted above -- i.e., I doubt that will happen. I think his "window" has mostly closed, perhaps entirely so.

    Webb will be 31yo on Jan 13 of next year. His best seasons (in terms of USA championships, global championship appearances, and all of his most significant PBs (i.e., at 800, 1500, mile, 3k, 2mile, 5k, 10k) were set in the four seasons from 2004-2007. He is now six seasons removed from those PBs, and so 2014 will be his 7th season away from those.

    From 2008-2013, his best times in these six seasons are:

    1:46.89 (2008) and just two others sub-1:50
    3:35.86 (2008) and just one other sub-3:37
    3:55.47 (2008) and just two others sub-3:58, indoors or outdoors
    7:51.85i (2011)
    13:37.68 (2013)
    10miles road
    49:23 (2012)

    Nothing here is meant to criticize, to "bash," or to diminish the high points he had on some great occasions in 2004-2007. At the same time, one cannot help but wonder what might have been. He came up at just the right time, and was capable of being the great 1500/miler after El G, and up to Kiprop. In any case, he had some great moments, he seems like a good guy, and I wish him well.